Terramoprhis help plz

anyone wanna help me kill terrapmorphis plz ign is PeterL2014, only reason im asking for help is I don’t really have any xbox friends that play this game, and ill never be able to do it solo

360 or X1?

xbox 360

What level/play-through are you on? Follow-up in the 360 On-line play and trading forum will help!

level 50 first playthru I wanna get teramorphis done and some dlc bosses done before I get too far thru true vault hunter mode

If you don’t mind me joining a little over-levelled (level 57) I can try and help you out - just about to go on-line.

ok im already on…ign PeterL2014

OK - send an invite to Alkymist96. You have a mic?

ok will do and no I do not have a mic

No problem - we’ll figure things out somehow.

Hey - can’t join your game for some reason. If you send me a game invite, I can drop in, otherwise I won’t be able to help.

was replying to u on xbox…takes me forever

there its fixed u should be able to join

lol it gave me the class mod for assassin

well damn I got new guns that I cant use till im overpowered level 8

That’s the down side to setting your game open to public - you get all kinds. Some of that stuff was modded too. Up to you what you do with it.

lol ill 1 shot him for u with op8 norfleets haha msg me : Hoaxinator

i might have to redo terramorphis I got the assassin class mod instead of the one for my commando ,guessing its because someone else got the kill and not me

Not necessarily - I’ve gotten a different character’s COM even running solo. I’ll check and see if I still have the Terra COM in my commando’s bank, although I might have long since passed it on since he’s level 72. If I find it, I’ll message you on XBL.