Terramorpheous the invincible on normal -xb1

Looking for some help to run terramorpheous on Normal, Level 50 commando Twin shielded turrets with rocket volleys and half decent level 50 weapons (waiting for next shift key drop for better ones levelled up from 44 today)

Xbox one username Gripsychungting - available pretty much anytime all week except Wednesday

shift codes updated 11-18 here, SHIFT codes: Post BL 2 Shift codes here (updated 04/27/2017)

also was you looking for someone near your level or is higher ok? Is it just 1 run or are you wanting to farm him?

I’m on everyday between 9pm and midnight EST

I will hopefully be on 7 pm eastern (just a couple of hours ahead of LunaticOne) and can help out. I may have some spare gear for you as well. GT: Alkymist96 I’ve got characters at level and above, so it depends on how tough/easy you want to make it.

I can help you, but yeah like what Vault said. Depends on how much of a fight you want. I have only 72 and OP8 people.

I also do have some good lvl 50 stuff still in my safe. Let me know. I’m online right now.

GT FreakxOHxSuave

That would be great thanks, any gear would be appreciated. Whichever character you want to use is all good with me. I’ll add you on xbl in a bit, message me when you come I’ll come online just before midnight my time (7 yours)

Might not be awake that late but if I still need to run it then I’ll message you around 9 your time.


Hey, are you on at the moment? I’ve got some old level 50 gear laying around and wanted to see if you’d like any of it.

GT is Exhaled Hatred
(I’m also down for terramorpheous runs but I use a 72 OP8 gunzerker)

I’ll be able to help but I’ve just got an op8 lvl 72 gunzerker. Never really done any bosses lol

Ill help

Feel free to add me dude, just unlocking all raid bosses on my sal at the moment, maybe teach each other a few sal set ups/ tricks along the way🖒

I’m pretty new at using Sal, I was originally using Axton but he’s not all that good lol. Right now I’m still on Normal mode on Sal and I’m just rushing through the story line, so I haven’t had a chance to use Sals special as I can pretty much 1hit kill everything lol. I’ve build Sal using a build I saw on YouTube but I’m not exactly sure what specific build it is.

Am pretty new to sal as well, but seems easy enough to get used to! I have a uvhm playthrou unlocked so can try on that if like.

Alright but before I even try, I wanna check out a video cuz I really have no clue how to use Sal lol but I’ve got most of the gear ppl have recommended me

What’s your gt? Mine is : Just Elbow Deep
And also, would u happen to have slag norfleet you can magically replicate? Lol

GT : maxdi0n
level 51 phycho
i have bees if u need and slag confrence calls

If ya realy get stuck killin him give me a shout gt gra5er1