Terramorphous help please

We need help with Terramorphous There’s a level 47
Siren and a level 50 Commando
Message either GT

First of all… You’re in the wrong section. Our friendly Moderators will probably move the post.

EDIT: I just realized that you’re in the right section. My bad! :blembarrass:

Second… I can imagine that the Siren has some trouble there, since Terra will be way higher level. You’re in TVHM mode, right? If you could post your skill build here, it will make things easier. Use this link to show us, and maybe we can give you a few pointers. What equipment are you using, and which level is it?

Terra is a huge mountain of health, so you need to deal lots of damage. The Bee shield will greatly improve that. There is a spot near the door where you can take cover. It will block most of the attacks, but not all. Beam-, rock- and fire tentacles can still hit you, and Terra will also pop up right beside it a few times, so you need to move at some points during the fight. When terra pops up beside it, just run up to the door. For some reason, he can’t hit you there from that spot. Use the turret to draw aggro away from you.

I don’t have a low level character atm otherwise id come and help…all my characters are level72/op8 atm sorry, also would take the fun out of the fight if I joined ur game and just pooped on terramorphis with one of my high level characters

So the gear im using as a siren is
An electrified Animosity level 46
Hard Hand Cannon level 46
Ornery Law level 40
Leather Bushwack level 41
Adaptive sheild level 46
Legendary Siren mod level 30
Lightning bolt level 42
Vault Hunters relic
and my Spec is here:

Hmm… I thought you had a Commando. No problem! I play as a Siren most of the time. The Class Mod and the shield are alright, as long as you don’t have a high recharge delay on it, but the rest isn’t gonna cut it. Terra is weak to fire, so here’s what I recommend…

Go back to Sanctuary and go to Moxxi’s bar. On the counter, there’s a tipping jar. Keep tipping her until she gives you an SMG called the Good Touch. She will give you a Bad Touch first. It’s also a really good SMG, but it’s corrosive. Check the vending machines first to see which level the gear they’re offering is. The guns Moxxi hands out will be at that level. You’ll need to tip ~20 k for the Bad Touch, and another 20 - 40 k for the Good Touch, but it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’ve spent all your cash on wine, women and song.

Both these SMG’s are very powerful, and they also have healing properties. You will get 2,5% of the damage you deal with it back as health, so that’s a nice thing to have when you fight Terra. You’ll do even more damage if you use a Cat COM instead of the Leg. Siren. They boost SMG damage a whole lot. A good one will boost your damage ~90% at level 50. The skills it boosts aren’t that important, but if you find one that gives you points in Accelerate, it might be a good option. Leg. Siren is really good, but at level 30 you’ll probably get more damage from a Cat COM.

Try to get a relic that gives your more damage buff. Fire relic, SMG damage relic or even an SMG stockpile relic will increase your dps. The Vault hunter relic only buffs drop rates for blue rarity items. It’s basically a relic to give you a good start early in the game, and then use something better. Slagging Terra is also something that will help you out. However… Terra washes off the slag very fast, so a slag Bouncing Betty grenade will keep slagging him until it runs out. That will greatly increase the time you have to deal damage while he’s slagged. Using your phaselock is your second best option for slagging, since you have Ruin.

At level 47, you will still have a very tough time. Your best choice is to stay close to what has become known as Pride Rock. I use it all the time, as you’ll see here. This is the tactic you’ll need to use, and since you don’t have a Bee shield, it will probably take as long as my fight.

I’d recommend a build like this for fighting Terra. Cataclysm Tree will help you deal more damage. Foresight increases mag size and reload speed which means higher dps.
Immolate gives you extra fire damage if you’re in FFYL.
Chain Reaction is just to get to Reaper, which is a big skill here. Chain reaction is fantastic when you can phaselock, but that’s not the case here.
Flicker is used mainly to get down to Ruin, but also because it improves your slagging chance a little.
Ruin for slagging.

Helios and Backdraft suffer from poor scaling, so they’re usually only used to progress further down the tree. Cloud Kill is an Avoid-at-all-times skill. It sucks! Every day of the week, and twice on weekends! The skills in Harmony isn’t of much use to you against terra, since you can’t phaselock anything. You could skip the skills in Motion to get a few points in Sustenance, but the loss would be to great to justify that choice.

Motion will help you keep your shield up instead. Ward and Inertia are really good to have against raid bosses. Accelerate gives you a bit more damage, and is also boosted by the COM’s I mentioned earlier.

I recommend that you keep a good shotgun handy for Terra’s fire phase. Fire tentacles will spawn beside you, and the rock will only cover some of them. They can be a pain in the neck sometimes, but a shotgun works really well. Non-fire, ofc.

Alright! :smiley: You’re all set! Go kick some Terra-butt, and let me know how it went. Lots of text, but hopefully you’ll get some help from it. If you’re in Co-op with a Commando, you should have him spec into Double up. It makes his turret a really good slagging machine. It also draws aggro. Use it a lot!

We haven’t gotten back into the terra fight for awhile and it would be fun too
I already picked up Good touch but it was a level 50 one so i wasnt able to use it
For shotguns i dont have much, but i can use a Conference Call I picked up from the Handsome Sorcerer
I have a Bee, but not a good Bee its only level 29
Aside from that I’ll work on getting the Cat COM
Thanks for the advice :grin:

Here’s my 2 cents and another nickle- get a few gold keys and get at level gear from the gold chest in Sanctuary- it will make your fight a lot easier… :grinning:

Wreck is useless against terra since you can’t phaselock. If you wanna use Res, I suggest picking up Restoration instead.

@Skr00bl0rd: You’re better off using any other shield than your low level Bee. If you’re not at level 50 yet, you should wait until you are. Terra is level 52, IIRC, and those last levels make a big difference. Conference Call is my first choice for a backup shottie, so no arguments there. Good luck!

I’d always thought that even if you couldn’t put an enemy in a phaselock sphere that still hitting them with a phaselock would allow Wreck to take effect. So am I totally wrong about this then?

Sadly, Wreck, Elated and Chain Reaction only work if Phaselock is only holding an enemy captive, not even if it searches a new target with Sub-Sequence.