Terramorphous Help Pls

I’m Lvl 50 Gunzerker with pretty crap gear so when I say help I mean you kill it and I get the achievement
If interested respond on forum or DM me-insta: chuckw1705

Hit me up! Gamertag ValkyriesHero. I’ll come killing fast!

You on?

Hello? Where u at

I can help you out tonight or tomorrow if you still need it. My xbox one gt: POPPAxMOLLIE

I can help kill him tonight if you need help. I’ll be on around 8:00 pm through 12:00 pm EST.

I am looking to do this as well (true vault hunter mode ) I made the mistake of doing all quest in that version and it’s my only one left. Lvl 53 assassin add my gt : natenarwhal

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