Terramorphous Solo? (or any boss really)

So i’ve been trying for a while now to find an “invincible” boss i can beat with the gear i have, and decided to take a shot at Terra. Lvl 61 smg spec fire-beehawk with Siren Mod and 30% dmg relic and bouncing slag grenade.

Currently i’ve been at this for an hour with no luck. (doing my best to hide behind ‘pride rock’ ) I know there are some very specific builds that will ace him in one volley, however, they also use ultra hard to get equipment. (atleast last time i looked)

Any advice?


You should be able to do it from there. It’s the safest place to be. There are a few situations where you need to move away, or at least crouch. I have a clip where I use this method. It’ll give you an idea on how to do it. Clip

You have good enough gear to pick him off easily, unless it’s low level ofc. The best gear for Terra is more or less what you already have. A Bone of the Ancients fire relic and a Legendary Cat COM are the only things that would make your gear stronger. A blue or purple Cat COM would give your SMG a good boost too, but the Leg. Siren is also really strong.

I’m guessing the one-shot-build you’re referring to is the one called “Deal with the Devil”. It’s been “fixed”. I say fixed in a loose sense, coz it’s still possible to do it. It’s not as effective as it once was, coz it requires you to activate 4 player difficulty. This adds loads of health to all enemies, so it’s not worth it imo.

I tested it on the testdummy and compared it with the damage you do with the Leg. Cat and although it was a bit higher, it wasn’t high enough to validate that build on the raids. The build itself is one big glass cannon, so if you can’t one shot the enemy, then you’ll be dead.

Hope this helps!

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I’ve seen “how to use it” with the rock, but just seem to always catch bad luck with the timing of needing to get above/behind it at the same time he has other tentacles out that easily pick me off when i’m not behind the rock…which i can’t do when he is on the close side. Then so far tonight, when i do get put down, EVERYTHING submerges…and i have nothing to shoot.

I’m also talking about some of the seemingly legit sub 30 second kills…i use the same guns and relatively same gear and i can never even get him close to death. Its like there is something obvious or hidden that i am missing…i just don’t understand.

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The trick with Terra is hitting his crit spots and keeping him slagged. A low level slag Bouncing Betty will help wonders here. And keeping behind Pride Rock usually keeps 99% of Terra’s attacks from hitting you but when they do having the Bee is a big drawback- you might want to switch to another when he gets close. Try to take out the tentacles with other weapons so you can save your SMG ammo just for Terra (less chance of getting caught out in the open scavenging ammo that way). As a last suggestion fire Pimpernels or White Deaths can really help against Terra…

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Maya can beat Hyperius and (especially) Pete fairly easily, Try going for them.

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Yeah, i’ve tried hyperius several different ways, and i usually just give up, same with pete. Closest i’ve come to Hyperius was a melee zero that was missing most of the ultra rare stuff.

Right now with Terra, since i had spawned him and never killed him, the instant i drop in he’s there. And when i shoot him, the instant he takes any small amount of dmg he goes underground. This last time i only had to “look” at him down the scope and he was gone. Went like that for a couple minutes until i eventually failed at the “evading the dangerous tentacles” game around ‘Pride Rock’.

I wonder if he’s coded to stay above ground longer that first time he comes in after you blow the horn. Because with the fire-bee-hawk i get VERY few hits on him as i have to shoot at his face when he’s bent over, then quickly throw a couple volleys above where his head quickly goes before he goes back down.

I have most legendaries, (though most cases they are the sub-optimal variants) some of the special Blue’s (again mostly sub-optimal), no pearls or seraphs.

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To the best of my knowledge, there are NO methods for killing Terra in around 30 seconds at level 72 as Maya. Maya isn’t the best char for taking on raid bosses simply because she doesn’t have the skills to do ridiculous damage in one blow. Maya excels in mobbing, and can solo all the bosses, but it takes longer. If you could link to the clips you’re refering to, it would be easier to comment on how it’s being done.

The tentacles can be a real pain in the neck if you’re caught out in the open. I always make them my priority when they pop up. Rock-, beam- and fire tentacles are what you need to worry about. Take them out as soon as you see them.

If you die and respawn, Terra can behave a bit different. He can stay under longer and his various phases can get mixed up, but all in all, it’s usually nothing major. The only time he stays up for a really long time is when he goes into singularity mode and start pulling everything toward him. Make sure you’re behind cover by then.


Solo Raid Time Trial

If u are lucky, try the trick :grin:

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The kitten IMO is one of the best guns to kill and survive the tentacle attacks

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Yeah, lots of great advice for lvl 72+…but yeah, as stated, i’m only a 61 and don’t plan on going further.

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Since UVHM scales to your level, the only thing that will differ is the fact that you have 11 skill points less. Other than that, it’s the same.

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And there is some gear that simply isn’t available to me…Cat COM’s (why does everyone call them COM’s anywho?) for example…not available until lvl 62. Among other things.

Also, the link to that spreadsheet of the TT runs is great and all…but not so helpful to someone who isn’t on PC and hasn’t hacked their profile to have all the perfect mods.

Oh well, it was worth a try, i guess i’ll go back to doing non-raid stuffs, as most of the advice that seems applicable to my situation so far has been “well try this thing you said you were already trying” or “try harder” at which point the game becomes a ‘job’ so to speak and my desire to play it diminishes.

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Watched the clip now… Very clever! Never thought about that tactic.

@panhead4411: Don’t give up, Mate! First… COM is short for Class Optimization Module. Even though a Legendary Cat is great, it’s not the only option. A blue or purple Cat COM can boost your SMG damage a lot. Not sure how much, but approximately 110% extra damage. A Legendary Siren will boost ALL gun damage, but not as much. It’s still a great COM since it gives you 5 points in Foresight (bigger mag = higher dps), and also 5 points in Ward, which is great for your Bee shield.

The trick that the player uses to kill Terra in 1:27, is that he fires his Sandhawk, and while the projectiles is still in the air, he switches to a Lady Fist, which gives you an 800% crit bonus.

The 0:15 kill exploits Immolate. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty risky tactic, since it requires you to go in to FFYL .

Give it a try with this build. Remember also to use a Rubi or a Grog Nozzle for healing.

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Remember raids bosses by definition are meant for raid parties, not solo players. They are built to be a difficult endgame challenge and you are also using one of the worst characters to raid with.

Even if you had the perfect gear it could take awhile to master it. Just because you see someone do really fast kills in YouTube doesn’t mean that it didn’t take them 100’s of tries to get that kill.

You don’t need perfect gear but you do need elite gear, as well as practice and knowledge of the fight, also quite a bit of skill.

Like they said above, a regular purple or blue cat com will work.

What dlcs do you have available to you so we know what gear is possible.

But once again just because you saw videos of it on YouTube doesn’t mean its as easy as a gear or build check. There is skill involved.


OMG…okay, i keep saying this, but apparently nobody can read it. I"M A LEVEL 61. I can’t use ANY Cat COM…they simply don’t exist for me. Stop telling me to get one.

My last response clearly stated this fact. Yet for some reason the last two posters decided it was still worth your time to suggest i use one?

I give up.

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Legendary cat com is only 62 and above, blue or purple cat come you can get at pretty much any level including your own level.

I did read what you posted and tried to help.


“Stop trying to help!” - Athena to Fragtrap.


I’ve never tried a speed kill on Terra, but I used Beehawk with Ruin. I use Ruin after firing the burst. For the tentacles I use Lady Fist, and I use the Lady Fist when he’s doing his wormhole move.

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Maya does great with Pimpernels too- they are my favored method when fighting him…

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