Terramorphus krieg help

Not sure what guns or shields or skills to use. I’m only a 51. If anyone could help me out that’d be awesome

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Res of course! :laughing:

It’s possible to Bloodsplode when you have enough tentacles. This is an OP8 version by @nat_zero_six :

I’d try a Mania build with Law and Order with a Rubi or Grog and Kitten or Hail as backup. But then, I’ve never done it in TVHM so…

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Bloodsplosion… dude.

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Use a Flame of the Firehawk in combination with a Rubi/Grog, that will keep you up for the entire fight. As for guns, at lvl 51 you have a lot of options, Conference Call probably will work the best though. The key skill in this fight is going to be Bloodbath, which you can activate by killing a tentacle with grenade damage. I’m not sure if you even need that on lvl 51 though, but if you manage to get it up it will completely destroy Terra.