Terrible luck with UVHM and guns

I’ve somehow managed to crawl up to level 67 on my assassin, who (if my plan works out) will be my first OP8 ever. That being said, I really have a severe lack of access to weapons in my level range that can really carry me. Right now my best guns are a level 59 infinity pistol and a level 59 conference call, and considering I’m now 9 levels above them and nearing the cap, that’s pretty bad. (Particularly since neither of those work very well with the assassin anyways, aha.)

At this point, I pretty much… can’t do anything. If anyone can pass me a higher level gun, preferably a purple rarity or higher, anywhere between 60-68, I’d highly appreciate it and be willing to give you any of my legendaries. I have some OP level ones that were given to me by friends and obtained legitimately (including an OP8 fire infinity and a OP7 alkaline bee) I’d be willing to drop for some that will carry me through to the end of the game.

Thank you so much for any help! (I’m also really looking for any type of gear, including a class mod or a grenade. My class mod is literally lv. 36, so, I’m way behind in that regard.)

Rhys, stating a PSN tends to result in more help … :acmaffirmative:

Ooo, my bad. Just got up a little while ago.

PSN: rydmiir.

I’ll give a hand. Sending request in about 5. / Zerkus

Don’t forget that the golden key chest in Sanctuary is a good source of purple weapons, relics and etc. to help you get to 72.

Although their bonuses often make them seem like better weapons in spite of often reduced stats, it’s important to swap up to weapons in your level range. A high level common weapon actually can replace a lower level legendary. Also yes, the Golden Chest in Sanctuary is a fantastic source for gear at your level, and you can find still valid codes all over facebook and twitter. Best of Luck!

This…I bet that you’ve come across and/or have weapons better than what you are using. Go get a Lascaux at your current level. This’ll be better than what you are using.

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I found Pimpernels were incredible for levelling my assassin. I got to 72 using lv61 pimps. I also farmed a lot of levels by b0ring bunker.

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