Terrible multiplayer delay?

The game is being unbearable for a friend and me. There is a terrible, noticeable delay on actions (shooting and pressing E on items). On top of that from time to time you are teleporting all over the place - this obviously only affects the player who joined, not the host. Yes we disabled AV/Firewall, no it is not our connection/setup.

Is this the price to pay for using Denuvo or is there a “fix”? Cause rn I’d rather refund than keep playing.


I can play with my wife with Epic-Steam crossplay absolutely fine, but when we connect to our friends party (Steam, same city), game lags as hell, delay is colossal, up to 2 seconds for shooting, open chests. And when you try to use a vehicle, it teleports you all over the place, can’t even drive. Oh, and we have 650Mbit channel and working in ISP support as engineers, so there is NO problems on our side. It’s just game connection working like lazy dog.


Thanks for the confirmation, good to know it’s not just us. Glad I waited 6 months for this…


Well as you know being in the same city does not necessarily mean your data does as IP routing will be determined by framing of the data packets within TCPIP.

YOU may well have a blazing connection throughput, packet loss and timing issues can still occur within the Steam / Epic backbones , gateways or routing nodes.


Well, you have the point, but every other game does not have that kind of issue, so I’m still sure it’s game connectivity problems. Here is my test of connection, if anyone doubt the speeds and ping at ISP network.

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Yep. This is the first time my friends & I have got together since the cross-play patch and we were suffering bad lag throughout. We are playing on Epic. We all have cross-play set to off. The host seemed to be OK.

I’m an Epic player and this is the first time I’ve seen consistent lag since release (over 500 hours of play). Not Denuvo, then. More likely the new netcode to allow for cross-play.

We fixed it by forwarding the correct ports and using Hamachi. Only opening the ports did not work, so it might just be Hamachi by itself. Either way, it’s fixed.

if you use hamachi, is that mean you are using outside of shift connectivity? if that so then yea shift server is the problem.

and its only affecting epic user. i hope its not part of their marketing move. sorry for the suspicion but most of big developer act like an ass nowadays

its only affecting epic user

Same problem with steam players and crossplay off
This is shift connection problem for sure…

Sadly, the game is now unplayable for me too. Over 500 hours playing with 3 others on Epic and until the cross-play patch, we have had no lag issues.

Driving is almost impossible, action skill has a 2-3 second delay, opening boxes takes forever & I now have a legitimate reason for my bad aim

Connectivity is not the issue:

ISP 16.03.2020

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I am wondering why Gearbox is not responding to this urgent problem, most of the point of BL is to play in a group with friends or others, and that is impossible do to the massive delay we have atm, this is seriousley needing a fix ASAP, the group play worked like a charm when the game was first released on Epic back in November, but now it’s impossible to play…

Has anyone tried a trace-route to see all the hops the game makes? I ask because no lag here, and having worked for SaS company, I know sometimes the route is as important as the ping and speed. Next have you tried turning off your anti-virus and firewall just long enough to see if there is lag? I just know how many times I have had to punch holes in a supposedly disabled Windows Firewall to know it could also be the problem.

It happens to me as a PS4 player living in Japan, trying to play with NA players.

I ran wireshark to confirm my issue.

I live in Australia.
I have performed all troubleshooting steps possible.
Firewall, ports, SHIFT account, network drivers, everything.

It appears that ALL traffic for Borderlands 3 is routing via America.
I connected to multiple matchmaking hosts with my region set to Australia, wireshark showed that my traffic was going via America.
I set my region to auto, same result.
I got a mate of mine to jump online, joined his hosted friends only game (we live in the same city in Aus), and low and behold, all my traffic was routed via America.

The only solution was to take the game offline via Hamachi (Or similar software) and we were able to play instantly, and flawlessly with ~30ms ping.

If I was to guess, it’s anti-piracy measures to ensure our online play is done via their servers. But why they wouldn’t offer Australian servers is beyond me.

I know they just moved the server from this game from Epic to Gearbox’s Shift so Epic users could cross play with Steam users. I am guessing it is not a DRM issue, but an issue with that switch and possibly not having enough servers in the right areas of the world. Also Epic could have had a Australian server, but Gearbox does not.

I’m still unsure why the game requires a server to route traffic other than for anti piracy measures.

It’s Peer to peer, so we should all connect directly to each other, just like in LAN mode.

I hadn’t thought of the fact that they would have migrated servers from Epic to Gearbox ones but that sounds like a super plausible reason as to why it’s come about for all users.

well that is explain why MMing in NA performed better compare to my own region (Asia). ■■■■

same problem for me and my friends on steam

The game uses Denuvo DRM for anti-piracy, which should have multi-homed support?

I’m guessing - since this has only cropped up since the patch that put all PC matchmaking through SHIFT - that it has to do with updating availability. Remember that the game keeps track of where your friends are, even showing you if friends are currently playing on a specific map when you’re in your echo. Then (if you have them enabled) there’s all the ‘joe just found a legendary, jill levelled up’ stuff. The later you can adjust through your in-game settings; not sure about the other stuff.

2k Support initially tried to palm my issue off and instead submit it as feedback that we’d like Australian servers.

I declined as I’d obviously like the game to be playable. Now I’m being requested to submit a video of the issue.
It seems like they’re trying to just get rid of the support ticket.