Terrible Performance

I’ve recently bought the game after months of waiting and at first it performed fine with acceptable framerates, however over the last few days my performance has degraded and it has gotten to a point where I can no longer run the game without consistent fps drops anywhere from 50-100fps no matter what quality settings im playing on, sometimes the game will crash either during or shortly after a loading screen. I really want to continue playing the game but this issue is making it extremely difficult to do anything more than look in the menu where for some reason I also experience similar issues. I had also experienced crashes saying that I had run out of video memory but that only occurred twice so I assumed it was nothing.

If anyone has experienced something similar and has managed to resolve these issues I’d love to find out how, I’ve tried everything that everyone else has already tried but nothing works.

PC Specs (If necessary)

I5 7600K
RX 5700 8GB of vram
8GB of RAM (more on the way)
500GB HDD that I use for my games

I have also reinstalled the game to see if that would solve anything.

With that amount of RAM use DX11 mode.

Badly i have the same problem here.
I have 5700XT.
I have 32GO ram and a 1800X processor.

I used DX 12 and i have constant freeze to.
Then i used DX 11 and i have a little bit less freeze, but i still have freeze.


I bought a 16gb kit the day I made the post and now that I have it all the issues have gone away and the game runs fine, thx tho <3.