Terrible Textures?

So I recently bought THC and have started TPS. I have an Xbox 1 X so also downloaded the UHD pack for both BL2 and TPS. To round off on the tech side I have an LG OLED TV and cable internet with a very fast connection. I should be getting the best experience possible.

Thing is, the textures are awful. . They’re so bad I can’t even read the names on the vendor machines. They’re just one almighty blur and ammo crates and parts of the ground look like they’re continually in soft focus. I’ve just completed the Felicity Rampant mission and it may be my imagination but it seems as though they’re getting worse. It’s almost as though the game is only half finished.

As crazy as it sounds, I can’t remember if it was like that right from the start but I don’t think it was and it seems to be getting progressively worse (that could be my imagination, to be fair). I’ve researched a bit and some people are saying they can’t tell the difference with the UHD pack but I can’t find the4 same issue I’m describing except in isolated cases. I’ve tried rebooting but hasn’t seemed to have fixed the problem. All the relative packs are listed as “installed.”

Any ideas? I can’t imagine that’s how it’s supposed to look. The only reason I know which vendor is which is by the colour scheme but that doesn’t seem right!

All I can think of is to check that:

  • The updates are fully downloaded (not still pending) and have been enabled
  • That your XB1X display settings are correct for your screen
  • That there isn’t something in the in-game options/settings that might explain the appearance

If none of that fixes things, you may need to file a support ticket for further trouble-shooting steps.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes the updates say they are installed and nothing is pending. I just use the default settings for everything.

I just loaded BL2 and everything was fine. But TPS is all weird. Very strange. I’ll come back to it tomorrow and see if there’s a difference.

Maybe also check stuff like FoV settings and whether one of the colour-blind modes got enabled?

Good tip, thanks, but sadly nothing untoward there. Colourblind mode is off. FoV is right at the bottom at 70 but changing it didn’t make a difference.

have you tried using a ps4?
really though, check the resolution the xbox is pushing, and what the tv is displaying.
System > Settings > Display & sound , then choose Advanced video settings > 4K TV details .

Update: logged in again this morning and the problem seems to have resolved itself. Don’t really understand it. I had been playing for 5 hours straight so maybe some overheating issues with the XB1X?

Anyway, switched on and spawned in Concordia. There’s a billboard right where you spawn and initially I couldn’t read it, but after around 5s or so it went into focus and from then on everything seemed fine. Can’t explain it!

thanks for your help and replies :+1:

Thanks for the tip. It started working again on its own this morning but afterwards I went into the settings as you recommended anyway. The box for Allow 4K under Video Modes was ticked so that should have been fine. All green ticks under 4K TV details, too.

There’s another Resolution option under Display. Not sure I understand why there are two separate options for 4K but it was set to 1080P and I reset that to 4K UHD. Nothing went bang so fingers crossed that may help things!

Appreciate your helpful suggestion, thanks

One thing I’ve found happen on occasion is that if my XB1 is turned on first and it finishes it’s boot sequence before the screen is on, it tends to try lowest default video settings for some reason. That tends to make things look off until the system catches up, although it usually does that before I launch a game.

And it’s still a problem long-term. If you save/quit a lot, or switch between characters to exchange weapons a bit, texture memory will fill up in 40 minutes or so of that and you get dropped back to the blurry blurry zone.
I save, dashboard, force-quit, restart and high quality is back again.

Sounds like there might be some sort of memory leak in the code, then - in theory, things should get purged periodically to free up space.

Oh yes. And as I’ve alluded to, my background is 35 years of software development, and when I see this I want to walk into their offices and have a serious conversation with their kernel team on managing texture memory…

How much (multiplier) more memory do you think is being used by a 4K gun skin as compared to the original game? I’m guessing that there may still be some constraints imposed by the base code of the graphics pipeline, and there were trade-offs between avoiding over-running memory and having textures fail to load completely.

Would have to know a bunch about how they package and compress and what format they’re using, I might poke around the Steam version tomorrow to tell.
And it’s more the environmental going blurry than guns, guns stay pretty sharp. Walls, lockers, everything else goes blur.

Same process (save/quit, multiple character loads) usually takes 3 hours to start blurring out in non-4k, vs. about an hour in 4k.