TERRIFIED +75% Bonus Cryo > Zane's +100% Bonus Cryo

After I saw the fourth big Borderlands YouTuber tell his audience “uhh ohh the new terror +75% Cryo anointment is worse than Zane’s 100% Bonus Cryo. They shoulda made it stronger” I had to address this.

NO! The +75% Bonus Cryo is not worse than Zane’s +100% Bonus Cryo! In fact it’s much stronger!

The +75% can roll on shields and grenades. If that anointment is on a shield / grenade it affects the Damage of all 4 equipped Weapons + Grenade Damage and Action Skill damage.

The +100% Bonus Cryo while Sentinel is active, however, can only roll on weapons thus only affects the weapon with the anointment and nothing else.

Imagine you have a Zane build with Clone and Drone. Maybe you have a powerful Ghast Call grenade equipped. With the +75% Bonus Cryo while terrified BOTH of your Action Skills get +75% damage, your Ghast Call gets +75% more damage, all equipped Weapons gets +75% more damage. It’s also multiplicative damage.

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Good to know! Does it stack if you have both a shield and a nade with that anointment?

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It might but you’d not want that because you need one of the two to trigger your terror stacks once the event is over.

Does the 100% Sntl Cryo stacks with the 75% Cryo on terror?

Sadly the +75% Bonus Cryo anointment doesn’t stack if you have it on two different items

Yes it does stack.

Weapon: +100% Bonus Cryo
Grenade: +75% "
Shield: Generates Terror
Maximum Terror stacks + Drone out

If you check the screenshot, my bonus Cryo DMG number is higher than my kynetic DMG. With only the 100% Bonus Cryo DMG the numbers should be about the same, but the Bonus Cryo Projectile clearly does more DMG, so it does stack.

What people overlook is that Terror also causes your Ghast Call to spawn twice the amount of Skulls it normally would. So you basically get 100% more Grenade DMG simply because double the amount of skulls spawns + those skulls individually get +75% multiplicative DMG due to the universal +75% Bonus Cryo anointment on your shield or grenade.


Yes, it’s universal damage just like URAD.

Check the damage formula threads for more reference. At the Fl4k one has info on it.

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the downside is that you are terrified and unless you hate our eyes u better not

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Now if it REALLY was able to be put on shields or grenade, then we’d have something to work with… but sadly this is just a complete and total and utter lie.

I mean first of all 100% > 75% so for gun damage, the 100% is better. Second of all you can only get terror cryo on guns, you can not get it on nade or shield. Third, ghast call doesn’t roll with anoints. Fourth, clone does not get bonus cryo from terror.


Though if it was on shield/grenade, you’d be able to mix it with the crit anoint and it would be nice :slight_smile:

i think there is a distinct difference in what he meant ( didnt see the video) with buffing that annoint

i think on shields or granades its nice
but on a weapon its worse then sntnl 100%
easy reason why
for 100% you need just sntnl and get 25% more dmg, thats easy
the other required another annoint to generate terror, so you lose 2 annoint spots for this

sntnl 100% uses 1
and if i want to combine 100% with another one on granade for example then i will get 150% dmg bonus
while i used 2 spots for terror 75%

so while on a granade shield combo its actually rly nice and consistent because you can freely combo this you still need a terror annoint legendary to combine with that otherwise you suffer greatly from the panilty, so you need combos of setup here

again its more a thing of, how much setup do i need to make this work, and its only going to work with stuff you farm right now with said annoints, anything else will be worse.

i would say on a weapon it could easily be 125% instead, then its rly rly good, cuz now its rly worth it and the terror build will be worth it hard.

my opinion

also ghast call doesnt drop with annoints right now if im not mistaken.

I prefer the grenade effect that clear terror and do a monstruous cryo nova for this very reason. I hate this ■■■■■■■ terror effect, they went MUCH overboard with it

why’s there so much math and different variables to these builds it’s so annoying.

It’s an RPG. It’s just a number simulator with some pretty skins on it :wink:


a freakin convoluted number simulator! bring back the krieg skill trees where it was straight up about killing things and life steal and melee damage, not annointment/action skill interactions that I gotta look up guides for.

CAN it roll on shields and nades? I have dozens of each (with terror anoints) and have never seen it.

I feel you. But tbh, Krieg had some skills you had to read guides for as well: PiP and Blood Bath come to mind.

I don’t recall those abilities, but I understand the sentiment. I just feel like it was easier to understand what skills did and how your gear would interact in BL2 trees than in BL3 trees. Especially with all the non-apparent legendary effects, unless it tells you what the legendaries do when you examine them. I can’t remember.

That annointment only rolls on weapons, if you get it on a grenade, or a shield its a modded item. but go ahead and blast you tubers that know their stuff ><