Terrified Anoints

With the Bloody Harvest event now in affect , I need to ask.

How do I become “Terrified” for these anoints to work?

“While Terrified, xxx xxx xxx”

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You need to be hit by a ghost or use gear with Terror generator like “ASE generate terror” or “melee attacks have 25% for terror”.


That’s kind of what I figured.

Thank you


Sorry to piggyback on your thread but I also have a similar question. Okay, so I get “Terrified” using certain annointments like On Action Skill Start or whatever.

Is there different levels of terrify and does that affect the annoint?

The reason I ask this is because there are some annoints like(example), “Consume all terror for 100% dmg” and I am wondering if I am slightly terrified if I only get 25% dmg and need to be completely terrified for the 100%? Or if it works like no matter how terrified I get I will always get the 100% dmg bonus?

Thanks in advance

Terror stacks three times, you can tell how many terror you have based on the visual effect. The heal anointment heals always by 25%, so 25% is without any terror, and with each stack you get more healing.


Does the while terrified fire extra projectile anoint still drop? I haven’t seen it yet

I couldn’t remember if it stacked 3 times or 5, thanks for the reminder!

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Nah they deleted it. Doesn’t roll anymore

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