Terrifying Lucian's call!

The more terror you have, the higher the bonus. I was able to fire 5 projectile per trigger pull. That’s almost a Butcher! its hella nuts!

And i have this grenade

Pair that with Face puncher + Clone + Double barrel. Unlimited Terror.

and the best part, is this shield

I tried it with just a standard BarrierWarrior build. CCC , Brainfreeze and Double barrel. used a relic with bonus to frozen enemies and Executor class mod. Class mod and relic you can play around with.
Try it out!

Thanks to Moxsy on twitch/youtube for convincing me to try terror mechanics. I was not paying attention to it before. Also thanks to the people here on discussing the Clone and Facepuncher.

Terror stacks 3 times. The chance to fire an extra projectile is 10% / 20% / 30%. You’re not firing multiple extra bullets per stack.

hmm? i was shooting a wall and looking at the bullet holes. its 5 to 6. I recorded it with my phone but dont know where to upload it haha.

Where are you getting 10% from?

A better test method would be to grab a single projectile, semi auto rifle and then go to Sanctuary and spawn in the vehicle. Shoot it and record the damage number. Then activate terror and shoot the car again. Record the numbers. Ideallly, do the test without any skill points allocated or damage boost from class mods or aritfacts so that you can isolate non terror damage vs extra particle while terrified damage.

Reddit test thread on terror.

Can use Kevin…

I added a video, yay!.

You might be on to something about the extra projectile while terrified adding multiple projectiles. People are reporting that the anointment is bugged, constantly stacks and overtime it adds multiple projectiles, and even causing the game to crash.

If this is so, I would say that it is most certainly not intended and will be patched soon. Enjoy it while you can.

Yeah! its awesome! lots and lots of particles. Its too good to be honest. managed to beat slaughtershaft with +enemy health and the - assault rifle + assault rifle (math?).

Zane with multiplicative bonus is great! HA! (is that multiplicative?)

But were not allowed to have fun things…:stuck_out_tongue: can we? please gearbox.