Terror anointed weapon handling whilst terrified [VID]

I was under the impression that terror anointed guns weren’t subject to the extreme handling that non-terror anointed guns suffer whilst terrified. I did this quick test and it seems that the terror 75% cryo anoint doesn’t negate this effect, whilst the terror crit one does. Both shotguns have the same grip so should have the same recoil whilst terrified.

Or have I completely misunderstood this interaction?

That what I thought too… though I did not used much the terror cryo anoint last year to be sure whether or not it affected handling negatively

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It has to be a terror anoint that applies local bonuses to the weapon apparently. Cryo is like urad - its global. You need anoints like ammo regen, crit damage, or the weapon damage/fire rate. Global offensive anoints (cryo, maybe some VH specific anoints) and defensive/tertor generating anoints don’t prevent the terror debuff.

Strangely the anoint doesn’t have to he ON the weapon, just affecting it.


Thanks for the info. Such a shame as that cryo terror anointment is perfect for the facepuncher.

You could still mix say an ammo regen/cryo/terror on melee hit into a facepuncher setup. At least if terror on melee hit is a valid grenade anoint (not sure on that)

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That is the very grenade I have in the video to apply terror. I perhaps could have the cryo terror anoint on a shield, but I’m not keen on changing shield though as the Frozen heart ASS is still the best for my melee builds.

That’s weird. They should both have bad handling. So the terror crit maintains handling but the cryo one does not. It feels like a Plaguebearer or a rocket launcher would be ok with the cryo. No aiming much needed

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I remember from the event last year it was suggested that terror anointed gear would negate the extra recoil from being terrified. It would make sense to do this to encourage us to use the new anointments.

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