Terror anointment wtf?

Terror anoitment ase apply terror every 3 seconds is not working my ammo regen is gone was fine before patch now my amara has no ammo regen and does alot less damage so far no youtubers have not said anything on this issue for gods sake we just had a event for farming this gear and already it is useless wtf gearbox at first i thought it was a amara issue but no the anoint is busted.


They “fixed” the fakegrasping trick, so if you’re doing that and not triggering the ASE, that could be why. Have you tried with a legit phasegrasp?

No its not that it does not keep applying terror every 3 seconds it does not matter which vault hunter you are using which means bye bye ammo regen everytime we have a event a week later poof something changes at gearbox to make our loot useless.


I tested this on my Terror-nova Moze. I can generate terror with melee damage and reloads triggers my nova. It works for me.

Perhaps the health/ammo regens aren’t working. Can you get the skulls using that terror anoint and phasegrasp?

I haven’t tried the ammo/health regen since last week, and I don’t use anything else with terror outside of phasegrasp terror bombs.

You cant get as many skulls as you could before from my testing from just weapon and shield it use to be six now only 3 another nerf this patch has done more harm then good.I think its because you have to have alot of terror but im sure if you are fighting a large group it might still work once you proc enough ase.

People keep bringing this fake grasp bs. So again: The problem with terror ase has nothing to do with fakegrasp. Terror ase was procing terror periodically during its duration in accordance with its description so you gained 3 stacks, now it only proc one time. I use Fl4k fadeaway and before you could launch pet ac consume terror with Fl4k terror anoint and terror was regenerated if you were within the 18s

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Thank you i dont get why people cant understand it phasegrasp has nothing to do with this anointment has been ruined i farmed all the good gear for nothing the only thing that still works is rakk attack with high count mags on some weapons shredifier works well the lucky 7 but you cant spam like you could before it has taken alot of fun out of the game for me i will try to make a ticket tuesday about it.

quite few anoints are not working as inended rn gbx would address it if you report bugs/tech issue and flood tech upport. posting it here is good for awareness but does nothing if we do not send bug reports


I am going to make a ticket but lets be real it might take months and i dont have alot of bank space to store all this terror loot if i had known this beforehand i would not have farmed it.


make a ticket please, I made one today for this problem, the more tickets submitted the more priority it will be given


Sorry! I was trying to understand the OP’s concern, as I wasn’t seeing any difference. Reload-Terror Nova and Phasegrasp Skulls are setups I already had where I could easily see how the terror is interacting.

From my own tests, the anoints that triggered from being terrified appear to work. I had noticed that the stacks of terror seem to be no more than 2, probably only one.

OP said they weren’t getting ammo regen:

I was checking to see if other effects were working. Nova still works for me. That is all.

Yea, it’s the ASE apply terror that isn’t working as intended. I’ve heard reports of this from other threads as well. Haven’t had a chance to test for myself.

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Before they fix it the level cap will be raised again mate. :smiley:

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I dont care about level caps only using for fl4k pet shield and ammo regen makes playing the game quicker when you dont have to worry about opening ammo chests makes farming quicker to because you dont have to reload on bosses.

I’m a moze main and never have to search for ammo. Also dumped all of my terror gear.

I am having this problem as well. From my testing, on ASE, a single terror stack gets applied. This only lasts 15 seconds (the normal terror decay time). If the anoint were working correctly, the effect should last for much longer as stacks are being applied and refreshed for the first 18 seconds, followed by a stack decay period.


Well moze does have ammo regen as a skill tree but as far as i know the other vault hunters dont have it this anointment was made for the other vaulthunters.

I went through the process of submitting a bug report and spoke with a representative who confirmed that this isn’t an isolated issue.


I filed a bug ticket as well. My Fl4k terror build with Vindicator\Peregrine combo seems fine. My Amara terror skulls build is not! I only see one very delayed stack of terror and rarely see any skulls proc at all now.


Yeah rakk attack still works just fine the peregrine or the lucky seven build but all other terror builds got busted i just dont understand why they did not test all terror anointments it would have took about twenty minutes to test all terror anointments i filed a ticket a couple of days ago im hoping this will be fixed quick.