Terror Anointments Wanted - lots of good gear to trade

I’m looking for a few level 50 Terror Anointments for a build, if anyone has a few sitting in their bank taking up space.


Extra Projectile per shot chance per terror stack - Jakobs or Dahl would be ideal, but I’m not picky.
Shields/grenades with ammo regen anointment.
Shields applying terror.

I have and am willing to trade Cutsmans in all elements, a couple of Rowan’s Calls, a couple of Lucian’s Calls anointed with 250% damage after phasecast, a stack of Driver & Golden Rule COMS, Unforgivens, 4-5 projectile recursions, Moze legendary COMS, anointed alchemists, 2 roid rough riders… All level 50. I have a lot more, but can’t think of specifics at the moment.

GT is SquirrelEDan.


Definitely have a terror applying stop-gap gathering dust. May have some guns around. Tag is Sjmoos I’ll be on around 8-9pm EST if you wanna check it out

Excellent, thank you. I might still be on then, and I’ll try to check in.

No sweat. I’m looking for cutsman’s. Acid and if you’re into some of the guns a fire would be good too. So tired of farming borman lol

Perfect. I have 3 in corrosive - 2 of them anointed with radiation on action skill end, 1 with 25% crit damage while airborne. Take your pick. Lol

I know I have a couple in fire as well.

Crit while airborne works. As for guns I know I’ve got a butcher that ups stats on terror, pretty sure a conference call that regens ammo. A lot of sentl life steal. I’ll have to poke around. What character are you building for?

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My Amara terror build, mainly. I’ve been practically waltzing through slaughter shaft/Maliwan Takedown with it, and my 3 primary pieces of gear are a Hornet with extra projectile chance, trans-fusion for applying terror, and a Transformer with damage reduction per terror stack. The terror-enhanced Hornet is ridiculous - I’ve about crashed my Xbox vs Wotan. My Transformer dropped the last day of bloody harvest - that’s a damn tanky setup. I’d like perhaps one more on the extra projectile theme to go with this build - assault rifle or SMG, something like a Star Helix, Kaos, lead sprinkler, night hawkin, westergun… Certainly an extra projectile Recursion would be insane, but I wouldn’t part with that and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.

I do have my Zane almost to 50, so if you got a few terror things for him you’re not using, I’d take a look. I’ve got shock Cutsmans too - not sure if you have a use case for them, but hey, if it saves someone a ridiculous farm, I’m here to help. Lol

I’m looking for Zane anointed gear and I have a lot of terror weapons

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I don’t have a ton, but I’ll report back with what I have when I get home. I know I have some bonus cryo/sentinel gear, a night hawkin with either ammo or health regen during action skill, class mods, and a few other things.

Ok let me know

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Ok here goes (everything level 50)

Night Hawkin, regens ammo while digi clone of active.
Radiation Laser-sploder, 130% damage after swapping with clone.
Companion, 60% accuracy and 30% crit during barrier.
Nemesis in fire, same anointment as previous.
Wagon Wheel, 50% cryo damage during SNTNL.
NE Barrage, same anointment as previous.
Mindhkiller, regen ammo while clone is active.
Flakker in fire, accuracy & crit (lol) bonus during barrier.
Seein’ Dead COM, +2 in playing dirty, 10% Jakobs damage.
Seein’ Dead +28 splash damage.
Infiltrators, with +3 and +4 to playing dirty, respectively, and bonuses to AR & SR damage and Jakobs crit damage.
Cold Warrior COM, +25% weapon damage, 149 health regen, +45% Hyperion crit damage.
Maggie, fire rate/reload bonus during SNTNL.
Lucky 7, same as previous.

That seems to be about it. I don’t know if there’s any game-changers in there, besides the COMs, but I’m not as familiar with Zane yet. Let me know. How about your stash?

What’s your gt I’ll just send ya some stuff and if if you don’t mind sending the Maggie I’ll take that

And the wagon wheel

Awesome - I’ll send them in a few minutes.

GT is SquirrelEDan.

Edit: Or I’ll send them whenever I know your GT. lol

Ok I’ll do it soon just in the middle of farming gotta dupe it

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Ok, I’m still good for the trade if you are. :+1::+1:

I messaged you yesterday bro AZZBlood4Fun just hit me up when your on I’m on now

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I have a Transformer reduces damage while terrified, also a Protean Front Loader ASE, heal for 25% increased by 15% per terror stack, cosumes all terror, also a Grounded Rectifier, annointed gunner, after reloading consume all terror and create cryo nova, would that be good enough for a Spritual Driver? I also have a recursion annointed siren +250 after phasecast

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The transformer and Recursion would be awesome, but I’m not sure if I have a good Driver to compensate.

Any particular stats you’re looking for? I’m sure +3 Mindfulness. I think I have one with Hyperion crit damage, maybe a +30 AR damage, but I’ll have to check if I have any more with useful stats.

Yeah, sorry again - XBL never notified me of the message. I was on the whole time and checking periodically. Ah well. Thanks again for everything!