Terror anoints stays or goes when event is over

Can anyone confirm if these terror anoints only staying for the duration of this event ?
If they goes after the event finish, what anoint will take place on the guns instead ? Or will the gun just become anointless ?

Reason i ask is i find it pointless trying to farm for a bloody harvest weapon with a terror anoint on it then the anointment goes away after the event if finished and the gun become useless LOL… we all know how important anointments are in this game.

the anointments stay on the items. so the loot you get during the event is permanent, but once the event ends the anointments will no longer drop on future loot

problem with that is, you won’t be able to gain the effect if terror anymore too right when event is over ? how are you able to make use of the anoint if you can no longer be terrored ?

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There are 2 anointments that generate terror wthout skulls. One has a 25% chance to terrify on melee hit (basically guaranteed with Facepuncher) and the other generates terror for 18 seconds on ASE.


Can the Bloody Harvest weapon roll anoint other than the terror anoints ?

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Not sure if the terror anoint just has an increased chance to drop on a weapon right now with the bloody harvest event or what ? If i want a Fearmonger shot gun with Centinal cryo is that even possible ?

I got a Fearmonger with Gamma 115 last night, so I don’t know why it isn’t possible

I imagine so, I got a Stalker sniper with one of the standard Moze anointments earlier today.

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Confusion … so are the BH items now dropping with anointments or is it just the Ghast Call grenades that dont come anointed? I really wish GB would be more clear on things … sheesh

If the Ghast Call can come anointed, I will turn the event back on but if not, it’s staying off.

Ghast Call and Scream of Terror can’t be anointed. Fearmonger and Stalker can. The first two never did drop anointed. The other 2 always had.

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Thank you for the clarification. I guess I’ll be keeping the event disabled then.