Terror builds are kinda awesome

I found some interesting combinations of terror gear.

Shield with “after action skill ends apply terror to yourself every 5 seconds for 18 seconds”

A grenade with “the more terror you have the more health regen you have”

So, as a siren I trigger my action skill on nothing and start terror and health regeneration. Almost immediately. Then I use a gun with “the more terror you have the more damage you do”. Or one with that health regeneration terror feature for even more survival.

I also like the phasegrasp terror skull annointment.

What combos have you guys found?

Continuing the discussion from Bloody Harvest makes annointment farming a lot harder:


Infinite ammo combo is pretty cool.


Right bit when you have lots of terror you can’t even hit things as your reticle gets huge and your gun ends up aiming in the sky after every shot so pretty pointless really

What happens with the terror mechanic and terror anointments once the event ends?

The Terror mechaninc and Annointments will continue to exist and as far as I am aware the Terror Anointments will continue to drop but probably with less frequency as the event will be over.

And with the event being over that means they will be useless as you won’t be being terrorised so they won’t work.

The Anointments that give you Terror every so many seconds etc would be the way you gain Terror in order to use the more powerful buffs.


there are plenty ways to inflict terror on yourself with anointments… which is why i’m asking

i guess no1 knows…


Some of these anointments are absolutely bonkers, even if they don’t look like on paper. They are pretty much all stronger than you think. For example “while terrified deal 50% bonus cryo damage.” This anointment isn’t just gun damage, it’s everything as long as the anointed gun is in hand. Grenades, melee, and even your action skill! (At least rakk attack, which I was running when I got this drop). DOTs too as far as I can tell.

I got this drop on a brainstormer and it is SO DUMB. The lightning that chains between enemies all has 50% bonus cryo. I will shoot one enemy and freeze or kill two others. And I am running FL4K atm, I can’t even imagine the things Amara could do with this gun!

Like, I’m genuinely wondering how the same balance team that has been trying to curb over-performers has also added some of these to the game


Yeah at first I was like (before I started seeing self-terror-inflicting gear drop) “well what’s the use of these guns once the event is over and there are no skulls to bash into you and scare you?” I had also thought, well if the gear stays, maybe they would just lose those anointments once the event was over and they would turn into normal guns and gear, but it looks like they’re gonna be here to stay. Which is cool. Looks like some interesting gear combos can be set up with them. I’ve started to hang on to decent purples (and legendaries, which btw I got the Stalker sniper rifle that came out with this event, no anointment on it though) that have terror effects I might find useful to play around with.


You guys know that if the Terror builds are that good they’re just going to nerf the hell out of them near the end or after the event, right?

I’m seeing people claim they’re immortal (which is why Moze got slammed into dirt) and can outpace the damage of the original anointments. Be prepared for the fun to come to a screeching halt sooner than later.

I got a Rowan’s Call with an anointment that increases crit damage as you gain more terror.

I can only imagine how ridiculous this + a self-terror anointment would be with Fl4k, as I do not play them.

The effect was noticeable even as a melee-build Amara without any self-terror.

Some good replies here. Never thought about the self terror gear. As was stated by someone else, it’ll be nerfed when the event ends so let’s have our fun now. I’ll have a play about later and see if I can make a build for Amara or Flak.

Just got a BBB with an ammo regen annointment. Explosions?


Anyone know the max buffs you can get from terror?

Sure there won’t be Ghosts to give Terror, but your gear can still apply terror.


Got the grenade that gives me terror on action skill end & shield that reflects bullets if I have terror :smiling_imp:


Yeah, but there’s one key difference. it’s not Moze.

it’s rather strange that noone made a “nerf terror” annointments yet seeing as some of the terror annointments are things moze could do. the hypocrisy is strong within this community at the moment.


I’m running a useless grenade to inflict terror on myself. Haunt dropped me an anointed transformer that heals 25% on action skill end. My best boss killer is a purple vladof creech that gains crit dmg with terror. Having fun

Only downside is the terror sound effect gets old after awhile.

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I turn all my sound off lol