Terror gear worth it?

Honestly is terror gear worth it in the long run after the BH event? I feel like it’s a gimmick and you have to use 2 inventory slots just to gain any use out of it after the event. Feel like they should’ve made a separate terror annt on top of reg Annts. That would’ve made the gear worth farming.

• The ammo regen is worth it on Amara and Zane.

• Health regen is very noticeable on FL4K

• Crit damage = meh across the board

• Terror Damage and fire rate is outclassed by CH/Splash

• Terror Cryo is outclassed by STNLCryo/N2M

• Amara terror skulls are OP

• Zane doesn’t need any more Life Steal

• Moze has better nova annoints

• If the pet Incendiary annoint was While Terrified it would be excellent

Long story short, outside of niche interactions I find the Terror weapon annoints underwhelming compared to our current annoints. However the shield/grenade mod annoints have some nice utility.


I’ve been enjoying the Terror Nova. And they don’t conflict with any of Moze’s other options. So you can have say the Faulty Star, and still use this anoint for extra booms and still have an anoint slot on shield for w/e. Personally I don’t like using the boundry issues mod to cheese the Star shield but I’m running a build with Faulty Star/Terror Nova anoint, Beacon with 300% anoint, ase on nade for terror. The Terror anoint can hit 50m+ on enemies with 90%+ hp and the Faulty star even without the Boundry cheese is quite effective hitting 5m on 90%+ the reload nova on the Beacon is just a finishing touch.


What’s this? Light up the Boundary Issues Mayhem Modifier so the beams throw novas around the enemy throwing them? Should also work with Chain Gang?

Yes so when the boundry issue beam attaches to you it sets off the Faulty Star nova repeatedly.

Reloading to trigger the annoint is much less inconvenient than jumping in/out of IB.

I haven’t really played with those novas yet… not sure if they hit hard or not, but this might be fun either way. Thanks!

Hate terror.
Refuse to play all October.

Okay loving your reply, so keeping any ammo regen mixed with terror skull is basically uber op on amara? Any gear suggestions?

I would go Terror ammo regen on a Transformer, Terror ASE on a Hunter Seeker and Terror skulls on an Unforgiven for maximum broke :rofl:

You can get the 25% melee Terror on shields as well. Pair that with a Muze COM and Hallelujah


Have a transformer on shield break deals 100% as amp, idk if that’s useful but sure does me good on m10. I’ll look out for terror gear as well just nervous that after event gear will be next to useless.

There are 2 annoints that apply Terror to yourself, one is on Action Skill End apply terror to yourself every 5 seconds for 18 seconds and the other gives all melee attacks a 25% chance to apply Terror to yourself.

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lol you know you can now disable the event right meaning no terror of any sort no anoints no skulls nothing


No. 4 chars

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:face_with_monocle: I’m all ear… Sounds like this calls for a tryout. :thinking: The skulls… they don’t count as melee damage, by any chance? (probably not but I just gotta ask)

Both are great. Terror Crit is the highest crit bonus you can get. Terror damage is V1(?) so also the highest bonus, and can spawn on shield (not sure about crit).
Terror Cryo is great too.


Haven’t played the event so long and have only a bit gear just for have it. The Heck just suck and I have done it only 4 times since event started. I hate this game for this mega fun hub which you have to load a lot on console. So no… And idk

On this subject I noticed that when you use terror generation ase, you keep getting terrified even after the AC (the ac uses only one batch of terror)so if you time things well and combine gear carefully you can still benefit pet fire bonus and something extra from terror.
In any case the pet anoint is pretty good.

don t forget Ghast call grenade generates more skulls while terrified which makes it really powerfull.

To generate terror without using anoint slots you only need a weapon with melee on terror anoint and a relic with launchpad or a facepuncher with this anoint I still using my lv 50 from last year :rofl:

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Ghast Call is good when paired with the right gear, specially on Moze and Flak.

I noticed certain guns get worst recoils when Terrified like Dowsing Rod and Harold. The ammo regen works but no point regenerating if you can’t shoot properly. However when I used Dahl weapon, I can still shoot properly even when terrified.

I’d been enjoying Moze + Lucky 7 with Terror Ammo Regen. Then I realized you don’t even need Terror Ammo regen if you spec in Forge and Some For The Road. You get extra dps if you just use standard ase or on thrown anoints on shield and grenades. Oddly even when Terrified, the Lucky 7 is still has good recoil

@rubregg ZKarmaa did a pretty good video about the Terror skull annoint, you should check it out.

@GrzesPL Terror annoints are the most powerful bonuses you can get on shields/grenades, I find that they are simply outpaced by CH/Splash on weapons. Terror crit and Terror Damage/Fire Rate are both 100% bonuses IIRC. This would make them both slightly above with ASE 100.

Terror Cryo is outclassed by N2M100, URad and IB125 incen IMO.

@olivier_shady The ASE Terror annoint will keep regenerating terror after the pet consumes all stacks. My biggest beef with this is how unresponsive AC are. If they were more consistent, and this effect lasted longer this could be an AWESOME addition.

Ghast Call is easily the most powerful grenade in the game, however I hate the massive screen clutter that comes with it.

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