Terror going out of business sale

Please delete. No longer valid.

I’ll take that Fearmonger Fire with terror projectile


Ok. FR sent. Mailed

Hey. I’ll take the Fearmonger corrosive x8, if it’s going. Happy to send you a “on grenade thrown” grenade in return. I’ll send you my PSN. =]

It’s yours. FR sent. Mailed.

Bump. Last chance on this stuff. I’m going to trash it.

I’ll take the Cutsman, shock & the two stop gap shields if you don’t mind
PSN Yuuzh
I have a nade with on grenade thrown, 25% weapon, grenade, and action skill damage for 6 seconds

Yours. Send me a friend request please. Can’t send you one. Same screen name

check your mail

Mailed. Thank you. Had one shield labeled wrong. My bad. Sent to you anyways.

Thanks and good luck
Zane looks OP right now

If you have anything left, and you don’t want it, feel free to send it my way. Always appreciate extra legendaries. If I can’t use them, I’ll try to spread them around. Thanks. =]