TERROR Items: Hidden Abilities

This thread is dedicated to the hidden abilities of the Halloween items “while terrified”

Ghast Call grenade = Spawns twice the amount of additional Skulls
Fearmonger shotgun = +1 Pellet for each stack of Terror.
Scream of Terror shield = Enemies & Bosses damaged by the Nova become confused and attack their allies. Confusion lasts up to 8 seconds. The more terrified you are the longer the confusion lasts.
Stalker sniper rifle = Stack of Terror add additional bullets per shot. +2 Bullets max


Stalker may get more pellets or some other damage buff.

Scream of terror gets extra radius. I don’t remember if the mind controlling enemies is a base effect of the shield or a terror ability.

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According to the fandom wiki page I just read, the scream of terror nova turns enemies into neutrals if you have a high enough level of terror (enemies will stop attacking, name color will change, and they’ll become immune)

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Stalker also gets extra projectiles iirc

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Ghast call: double the skull while terrified
Scream of terror: the more terror stacks the longer the enemies stay controlled.
Stalker: more projectile (+2)

Source: lootlemon.com
Scream of Terror
Ghast Call

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Awesome guys. I added the information to the original post. I think this thread could be helpful for many people. For whatever reason the big boderlands youtubers don’t address the hidden abilities of the halloween items.

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OMG I had no idea… how fun is this!

Up to 8 seconds means that lower amounts will last, what, a couple seconds? If this confusion is anything like Dominance/Glamour, that’s exactly enough time for them to stand around thinking about their life choices before they get back into the fight (which means they would go through this process immediately thereafter and then resume being an enemy).

I’m also curious if this suffers from the same effect that Dominance has (where multiple recruits will not recognize their new allegiance and will fight amongst themselves, instead of focusing on the actual enemies). Off to the laboratory!

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