Terror meta = new slag? hated it already

Like i hated slag in the BL2 now i hate terror.

If you are not using the terror ammo regen abilities on your build you are automaticaly lowering your damage output. i dont have any problem with terror annointmens that are alternative to the vanilla annointmets. but ammo regen on shield? its too strong that you have to play with terror to get the maximum damage output you can have on a build. its even stronger than the moze’s capstone.

Yeah sure nice to have new annointments that are stronger than before so you have a reason to farm them but the terror effect is so annoying to me. after playing 1 slaughter shaft with terror im having a headache. i want to cut my ears. my eyes getting red. i used to run 5-10 slaughter shaft before taking a break without terror. some of you may say if you dont like it then dont use it. thats the problem it should be my choice but new update will hit soon and its gonna be hard to beat with the regular annointments on shield and grenade. every build revolves around terror gear on these days. i hope they release some alternatives to the terror gear with mayhem4 but i dont have much hope because cant think of better annointment than ammo regen on shield.

Also Gearbox why did you nerfed leave no trace and means of destruction (added 0.3 sec cooldown) if you are going to add this much strong ammo regen annoints.

If this meta gonna stay like this, we should have an option to tone down the terror’s visual and sound effects.


I personally don’t see a problem with it. Any person can get capstones and skills quite easily. All of this gear is dropped and so the player uses RNG to get a specific piece of gear then needs a specific annointment on top of that to even make Terror any good

Then you have to combine all of that to form a decent build that is not going to last once the event is over UNLESS you, once again, get really specific terror drops to terrorize you. So all of the OP is just for the event itself. Once that is over the people who will have amazing builds are the people that farmed for them and got lucky. They should be rewarded.

Once the level cap happens all of it will be useless anyway (minus a few set pieces that can probably last you til the lvl increase) but by then there will be a new mechanic at play probably. It is fine to me overall.

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idk if you read the whole thing but, i dont have too much problem with terror builds being stronger than character capstones/builds. i used it to explain how good the gear is. I wouldn’t mind using terror mechanic if the visuals and sound effects of the terror wasnt this obnoxious. and if we are gonna have to play with this untill the level increase gearbox needs to address it.

Slag implies that content is balanced around it. I don’t think that is or will be the case with Terror anointments. The Bloody Harvest has provided players with easy access to anointed gear. Some are competitive options, others not so much. It’s not concerning because they don’t drastically outperform vanilla anointments and it’s not necessary to clear content with it. The only thing that does raise concern is the the powercreep from getting these buffs from anointed grenades/shields. It’s not exactly gamebreaking, so I don’t have a strong opinion on it. I only look the other way because most vanilla grenade/shield anointments aren’t interesting.

Also, how exactly are Steam players and non-early game adapters going to acquire this gear when the event is over? Let’s say the devs do rebalance the game around this “powercreep”. Do these players have to wait until next Bloody Harvest to finally get this gear to be able to push content? No, that’d be terrible design.

I agree that the visual effects need to be toned down. The game already has problems without it.

This has always been my problem with it. The screen blur and effect combined with the background ‘spooky’ chatter that gets louder with more stacks are obnoxious and awful to play with. It contributes to the already high levels of sensory overload and visual confusion, and is overall unpleasant in its presentation.

A lot of people don’t seem to have a problem with the visuals and sound, and whenever anyone calls it out as a problem, their eyes glaze over and start responding about how terror annointments are cool, totally missing the point.

Imagine a gun, which is fun and powerful to use, but every single time you pull the trigger, you hear the continuous sound of someone dragging rusty nails across a chalkboard. And you come to the forum to complain about the sound, and everyone on the forums responds with “but the gun is so cool!”

I mean, sure, but could they do something about the nails across a chalkboard sound? Please?

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Definitely this. When i complain about the terror debuff, people starts saying how powerful they are. I get it, im not dumb, i know how powerfull it is. but if im not gonna have the clear/fun experience of my gun/build what is the point of using them right?

What I find funny is if you get 3-5 or more stacks of Terror the only useful weapon is the Flakker. All others are useless with aiming circles filling the whole screen, green border crap that fills 40% of the screen and recoil so massive that after every shot you see the sky.

i disagree, it’s a huge deal. Moze is built and balanced around infinite ammo. that’s her thing, giving everyone option to get ammo regen that is just as good or possibly better not only makes her whole tree redundant, it’s almost as if all 3 VHs have 4 skill trees while moze have 2. Bottomless mags pretty damn underwhelming even before terror gear were introduced in my opinion. you spend 26 skill points just to get what? 10% ammo regen and 75% ammo capacity (if you match your loadout with the same manufactor). the only damage increase skills in that tree are 15% fire rate, 20% crit damage and 30% fire damage. “Click Click…” is completely opposite to what that whole tree is about really and at best gives you maybe 20% gun damage. Her annointments are mostly “x% damage for the next 2 mags” well, throw on a weapon with 50% cryo while terrified (which is added to all your damage btw) and those are overshadowed aswell.

if moze build around terror ammo regen, there’s not much incentive to even go into BM at all… While if you do the same on the other VHs they have this mechanic ontop of their already existing 3 skill trees. Moze can’t get anything that gives her anything from the other VHs skill trees.

it’s not hard to get a terror build going either honestly. this ■■■■ been dropping like candy for weeks now. a granade with terror for 18 seconds and a shield with ammo regen and you’re set.

saying that this doesn’t matter in 6 months or whatever doesn’t really matter, we’re here and now and i can even bet iron bear’s left arm that these will return next year around halloween.


About the content being balanced around thingy. You can clear/finish the content without using terror/slag but at slower speed. This is a looter shooter game so challenge is not “finishing/clearing content” the challenge is clearing it most efficient way. And right now there is no alternative to the terror on shields/grenades and i cant think of any annointment will come in future better than ammo regen. Because ammo is the real limiting factor of the damage output per second. Hell there is life steal skills in the game so as long as you are shooting you cant die. So disabling that terror visual/sound effect will do the best for future.

Who knows. They might make something more powerful.

Yeah, I already agreed on this point.

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Started a new playthrough with Moze and found I was having trouble killing ghosts in time and wasting ammo for the effort and came across a shield that would regen health while terrified. I started letting ghosts hit me and found I became nauseous while under the terror effect. One more thing in design decisions of the game that make it difficult to see what you’re actually shooting. Need to land a crit? Hell half the time you need to use the enemy’s health bar to see if you’re actually shooting at an enemy, let alone find a crit spot.

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