Terror moze build showcase

Hello everyone especially moze mains and moze lovers. Wanted to show a build I’ve had for awhile that others dont really show off so I’m wondering if I’m one of the few who have thought of it. I call my build. “Its Butcher Bitch” tehe. Now the gear

The gear: 3 butchers of any element and annointment but a terror annoint with reduce dmg or reflect will help a bit.
Then 1 face puncher with terror on melee(this is a must have) everything else is almost irrelevant. Gernade with dmg and fire rate increase on terror preferably hyperion if u run. Butcher setup like I do
Shield with ammo regen terror preferably hyperion.

Relic:knife drain deathless very important if it has shotgun dmg and mag size that would help alot but knife drain part is important for u to live.
Blood letter class mod shotgun dmg wpn dmg hyperion crit if ur lucky.

With this build u honestly shoot face puncher to build terror and get all the buffs then hold the trigger on the butcher when low on shield or running out of terror pull your facepuncher out and shoot to heal.
Its easy simple and fun if u wanna feel like the gunzerker in bl2.

TLDR: Look at pics you need terror shiz