Terror-Pet Anointments

Apparently they are a thing, check it out.

Bonus Fire damage for the pet. This also means we might start seeing general anointments that buff pets as well. What kind of bonus would make pets worth using? :thinking:


I dont know if elemental is the way to go as a modifier could make that annointment useless. Definitely good though if you have elemental modifiers though.

Unfortunately, this anointment only activates once the pet’s attack command connects with an enemy. The Jabber’s are way to slow to make use out of it imo. The Horned skag activates very quickly, so it’s a good pick. Spiderant countess also activates very quickly.

It can add a sizable amount of damage. It may scale off the pet’s total melee damage (tough to see the numbers in the field) so using it during Gamma Burst increases the bonus you get from it. I saw an extra hit for 2200 on the attack command, and regular melee was between 400 and sometimes 900.

It’s fun when it works, but the activation requirement is so clunky. Even if you have the cooldown up, the pet may not prioritize using the attack command for a few seconds, almost like there is input lag. That alone makes this augment frustrating to use at times. The other annoyance is that I just can’t tell how much of a difference it’s really making. Because of the activation requirements, field testing this augment is an exercise in frustration. I may just end up testing on the gunslinger jabber instead of the skag to make my life easier.

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This anoint hasn’t gotten any better this year. Still just as clunky to use.
I wish it triggered as soon as you issued the attack command, not when the pet actually acted upon it.
I also wish it didn’t need terror to activate, just worked and consumed any terror you did have, like the ASE heal 25% terror anoint. It gives you 25% even if you have no terror, making it useful on any build, plus gives extra for each level of terror you have. Imagine if the pet one worked the same way, giving 150% fire damage and an extra 50% for each level of terror. It’d be useful all year round, on any pet build, then.