Terror should have been a new, temporary addition, similar to Annointed

It seems obvious to me, that to allow everyone to play, enjoy and keep collecting loot/weapons during this event, the Terror modifier should have been “in addition to” any existing modifier.

That is, if it would have had an Anointed mod on it, it still would have it listed as an ‘addition to’ it, but with the Anointed modfier greyed out (and not applicable).

In addition to this, to add to the options available to the players, Maurice could provide the option to ‘distill’ (or clean, purge, etc.) the weapon to remove the Terror mod and therefore allow the item to have the Anointed mod come into play. This would then no longer allow the Terror mechanic to work with the item.

This makes items found during the event as useful as pre- or post- weapons would be, even after the event. Whether there is an option to ‘clean’ the item after the event is over would be something for the devs to decide (or allow it at a cost?).

Everyone could then continue looting, 100% in the knowledge what they find ‘could’ be useful (as much as the chance was prior to the event).

Except there are beneficial terror combinations.

Instead I think the terror anointments should have been separate and stack-able with regular anointments. Maybe call them curses instead.

I think Terror needs to go after the event. Its good for some fun BS, but it is wayyyy too easy to exploit and throws the balance of the game off whack (esp after they have nerfed a bunch of things in interest of balance). I think after the event, weapons with Terror anointments should not apply terror, but not occupy inventory space either. Then they would become active every year for about a month around halloween as a yearly tradition.

Pretty sure I found a way to have constant terror

Not sure if it helps my build but looks cool