Terror Slot Machine

I would love to see a slot machine that has terror anointed gear.

That way we could still work on our terror builds at level 53.


Good way to sing eridium for sure.

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Or Crazy Earl could sell them (or both). Add in chances for all the items you can’t farm legit like the Bekah, Wedding Inv and so on.
Could be a good use for the piles of that there rid-rock & cash everyone probably has.


This is the best idea I’ve seen on this forum since BL3 launch !
I can already imagine what that Slot Machine would look like, as creepy as possible, with skulls and ghosts all around ! :ghost: :skull: :ghost:

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Actually would be a neat Eridium slot machine that winnings were the holiday event drops, can come anointed or not. Get them free from the events, got to pay with Eridium after.

So far the slot machine could roll terror anounted gear/broken hearts day items.

+1 the more I think on it.

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Thank you @Adrion54 Love your idea for the ghosts all around the machine.

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Earl too! That’s a good idea @BrisbaneGreg