Terrorizers Rejoice

So, the patch already dropped for me. A loot heart exploded into a terror skull, then dropped a terror (unanointed) weapon on destruction. Don’t know if this was intentional or not, but it kind of rules. That is all.



Can confirm, just doing some Slaughter shaft atm, and have seen some skull spawn out of hearts for sure, only in round 1 atm, but seen some, haven’t checked the loot so no idea if they drop terror gear on my part.

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Sweet. An anointed Ghast Call would be really nice…

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so far I have only seen a couple of red skulls, not much, like 5-6 of them. No loot skull yet, trying to get a picture as we speak when they spawn for proof, but with my chain zane, they die pretty easily.

Got some proof!


Thank you. There was way too much ■■■■ flying around to catch a screen grab earlier, I havent gotten any terror anoint drops though, just a couple random terror weapons

I actually didn’t manage to take out the loot ghost tbh, was so focused to get this on picture or video haha.

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