[TerrorSquad] Terror Moze 3.0! Grenade spam, high damage, almost unkillable!

This build requires the Bloody Harvest anointed gear. This build is for those that love grenade spam with added bonus of being almost unkillable!


  • Apply Terror to yourself by shooting with the Face-puncher, refresh as needed
  • Throw grenades to heal (You can spam them)
  • Use weapons that deal splash damage to regen grenades and deal bonus incendiary damage
  • Walk over boosters dropped from shield in case you need grenades or health

Skill Tree Breakdown

  • 2 points in Vampyr is enough for healing
  • Going down Bottomless Mags tree is unnecessary as Terror Ammo Regen is much stronger
  • Desperate Measures synergizes with Deathless for increased gun damage

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Gear List
The following gear is god roll/optimized (Use gear that is similar that you can find)

Weapon 1
Weapon 2
Class Mod

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i like terror annointments on moze a lot. the health regen annointment is great on all my builds since i don’t use bloodletter in any of them. i really feel it’s the missing piece for her surviability. i’ve got one of those granades aswell, amazing really mines not annointed unfortunately… wish i had more 50% cryo weapons aswell, mad how it adds it onto the granade damage aswell. how much damage reduction does that annointment give? 30%? i can see that being very useful indeed on bloodletter since almost no healing perks seems to do much with it. minus the annointments and assault rifles instead of SMGs it’s very similar to what i use on my SoR / DW. you should try this with a cryo faisor, my god it wrecks and i don’t even have nearly as good rolls on mine. blast master + ice breaker + faisor = pretty good

and yeah, those god rolls are very godly !

*cries in playstation *

blast master with 1 redistribution 4 vampyr would be ideally. it’s what i use with the faisor setup.

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Yeah the damage reduction is 30% and if you like the faisor you should try the shreddifier as it kills faster (tried and tested). After using Blast Master with similar gear setup it is more damage but not by much. If you can get a Bloodletter with 2-3 in Desperate Measures = 100% gun damage it is almost the same in damage but with alot more survivability (also tried and tested) :slight_smile:

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i will give this a go if i have items for it, seems interesting. i generally try to avoid bloodletter but sometime it’s gotta be the first right? i do have a bloodletter mod very close to that but with shotgun damage instead. ideas? trevonator maybe?

Yeah trevonator is a great choice, one of my favorite shotguns but you need to have one that has a big clip or you will have to slow fire it because the ammo regen will not be fast enough to keep up.

Hm, good point. i’m so used with +2 redistribution, forget that’s not a thing with bloodletter.

Until they nerf Terror ammo regen redistribution isn’t needed. The bigger the mag size of the weapon the stronger the ammo regen

Perhaps matching set instead of cloud of lead then?

You wouldn’t gain much with it unless you somehow get 2-3 pieces. Increased mag on Class Mod and Artifact is best.

i’m thinking 3x trevonator and 1x shock shrieking devil for transformer recharging perhaps. i’ll figure it out somehow, good starting point to follow though!

off topic, just curious is this normal or tvhm? Not discrediting your vid but at least in my recent SS runs there are way more badass enemies. For example wave 1 stage 1 the first 2 enemies coming out of the doors are always badass rocket launcher bandits and there would be a 3rd badass militant or sometimes even anointed, and in stage 2 the first 4 enemies that spawn for me are all badass rocket launcher bandits. Also, if/when the game crashes and I re-launch the game (w/o hotfixes being applied) I get into this crazy version of SS where each wave spawns like 4+ anointed enemies on top of all other regular badasses, which is actually… kinda funny until one of them gets stuck in the wall during like stage 2 or 3 xD

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I have that exact annointed grenade. Pretty jealous of the annointed Facepuncher.

Your Face-puncher is 100% modded. That magazine type is not a possible spawn for it. It can only spawn with the 6 bullet magazine and gain an additional 2 bullets from the 35% magazine size foregrip for a total of 8.


All of his guns are modded to perfect stats to showcase the build. But i see nothing wrong beyond that, face puncher can roll with x14, i’ve had it drop more than once. And if you are referring to something you saw in the video, you know he has mag size roll on his relic, right?

Edit: ah yeh i see what you mean, 10 mag on the card. Well not exactly game breaking if you ask me.

It doesn’t really matter if an unobtainable item is game-breaking or not. When you post a build the implication is that the information presented is representative of what is possible within the game. Using something that isn’t obtainable while presenting it as legitimate undermines that.



I love my big boom build, been leaving video streams of it for weeks and it’s awesome. I go a different route as I like anoints better. Nothing like running around with a 40k plus big boomer with almost unlimited ammo for the Skeksil at 50% firerate bonus’s.

@Fritimes This is TVHM on Mayhem 3 and there is always a variation of enemies. Something I have noticed when you have good modifiers like elemental boost, it feels like more anointed and badasses spawn. I run SS to farm since I can do it in 20min or less on all 4 of my VHs and it isn’t as boring as killing one boss over and over.

@Ninetrix Yes the face-puncher and shield could of been modded as I got them in a public lobby but everything else I found personally. This is on PC so modded items are everywhere, even saw a Youtuber the other day asking for likes and subs and he would giveaway a modded item (He got it from nexusmods or someone who did)