Test dummies in dlc!

Na you cant test slams. Its a shooting range like bl2

And no atmo/vac options, eh?

Not that I recall. But I didn’t have much time this morning to play it. You MIGHT be able to test melee with the left one as I recall him being closer than the others.

While it is a shooting range I don’t remember if there was something blocking you from being able to jump in there. That would have been useful for melee and slams.

This is going to make the number crunchers very happy.

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Could you link to the news source please? :smile:

Destiny fullfilled !


Woo Hoo Good Times

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Yea its like bl2 theres a barrior.

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Thank you Gearbox :smile:

I think we’ve done well enough without it but I’m happy for the players that wanted it.

The third one has armour, shields AND health?

Yea third one is a hyperion robot. So hes an armored enemy.

It’s missing a dummy to test melee.

And dummies to test fire weapon dps without atmosphere. The people that were waiting for a dummy might still get pissed…

Thats really being picky though. I dunno who would complain about that.

Oh. I see what you mean. NO it’s just shield and armor.

Don’t know why they don’t let us get close to do melee tests and slams.

However, there’s always going to be a part of our damage we can’t test on dummies. It’s too complex to provide it all. Think about all the “on kill” bonuses, and the “just hit by something bonuses”. Just two examples.

Hey, idea, can someone go see if you can build Lady Hammerlock “I never miss” stacks? That would be fantastic!

Hey, so when you say that the dummies can be found right next to the DLC, where, specifically is that? I’m playing through the normal missions, and don’t even know how to find the DLC, though I’m playing the Handsome Collection, so it should be in there.

Can you tell me where to fast travel to, or where to look, such as in Concordia? Thanks!

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Upon installing the DLC, s new location will be opened up in your Fast Travel Network - Deck 13 and a half.

Travel there, watch the intro cutscene, then head to the top left corner of that room (opposite where the Vending Machines are) and take a corridor straight across into anotjer chamber.

Go around a wall to your right and you are at the Test Dummies, as well as 2 more Vending Machines!

Very convenient location!

Awesome, thank you!

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I have no fast travel to deck 13 1/2 after i used it to start the DLC, so cant get back to the test dummies.

Maybe this is because i havent killed Eclipse/EOS yet to beat the DLC?

My 46 Aurelia on normal still cant kill him, and while i can run the long way through Subconscious to the deck 13.5 map to re-try fighting Eclipse/EOS, there is zero path back to deck 13 1/2 wherre test dummies are.

Can anyone comfirm whether this is normal or a bug? E.G. No way back to trat dummies until/unless Eclipse/EOS is beaten and DLC finished?