Test Dummy - an integral element of a Borderlands game

In a game with “billions of guns” and dozens of build variations there is no test dummy. This baffles me, especially taking into consideration how cryptic some descriptions are (im looking at you “For a short time”).

We absolutely need a proper Test Dummy, actually we need multiple test dummies (health, armor, shield). And we need it yesterday!


Oh wow - I’ve been avoiding story spoilers, but have been reading about ‘operational’ stuff like this, and I’m also baffled that there’s no test dummy.

They’ve got six months to get one implemented, so no rush. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why six months specifically?

I was gonna ask, you’ll be waiting for the Steam release then?
Maybe @johnrr6 can get another petition going…or someone else could step up to the plate :thinking:

Yeah, no test dummy is shocking, do they remember tps? Seem like one of the easiest possible things to add. Please add one ASAP!

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I was sort of hoping the test dummies were hidden or something - I still can’t believe they’re not in game somewhere.

In theory they might be, we could just have missed them because they failed to load what with so many assets being rendered in the UI that it’s almost as filled with visual clutter as the combat.

It’s a beautiful game until you actually do anything or anything happens. After that it’s still beautiful but seriously messy and woefully inexact.
Epic concerns aside you’re probably wise to wait for a patch or three.

Yeah, I would suggest waiting aswell. Theres quite a few issues. My worst one so far was the game deleting my entire bank with 40+ legendaries.

Well…all I can tell you is that I did not wait…I used a new gmail, new user name, and a virtual credit card number that I shut off after the purchase to protect me from any Epic shenanigans and to be frank…Epic has been…fine…I don’t even notice anything Epic. They are a non entity as far as I know. The game runs fine for me on a PC with Nvidia 1070 card…better than fine…it runs great!

And…honestly…the game is just FANTASTIC! Sure we can nit pick on some small stuff. But overall…Gearbox basically addressed EVERY fan concern from BL2…and I mean virtually EVERY. Think of it as a biger, better, faster, stronger BL2.

I did use these optimization settings from Hardware Unboxed. I used the “Quality” settings and not the “Performance” settings and am getting 80-100 FPS and smooth gameplay. Seemed to help the menus as well which before were a tad laggy.

I have heard of a few others losing their Banks and I back mine up on PC regularly as this was a likewise issue on BL2 from time to time. Path is : Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

Your call of course and sure…the game can use a few optimizations and patches. But honestly, there is virtually no reason not to jump right in now.

Loyalty to Steam? Gimme a break. Do you honestly think Steam has “our best interests” in mind. Steam has Steam best interests in mind and in this case they lost out to competition. Competition is good. Does Epic suck?..Sure! Do ALL the launchers suck? Sure…

In the end…I just want to play and have FUN. And I am doing that by the ever loving BOATLOAD right now.

Going slow doing EVERYTHING on a map and all side missions. Am at Level 33 and have been at it every night for 10 days now.

The game is a Masterpiece!

EDIT: Oh and I agree…one of the ONLY things this game is missing is a test dummy. I am going to bitch to the folks I know (which means squat)…and find the product improvement suggestion area for BL3. There has to be one somewhere…I will come back and post it when I find it.

Supposedly we can enter our requests here:

I just sent in a Feature Request / Feedback Request that was accepted by 2K servers. I imagine about 100K of these requests would GET THEIR ATTENTION!

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I respect your opinion but I am having the completely opposite experience. It’s a fabulous game! Every map is just sooooo long and exquisitely done. Gunplay and movement is better than the last game and it just hits the mark at every turn.

It is so damn refreshing. A game that did not try to be something “new and different”…instead, it stayed within an award winning formula and just gave Borderlands Fans what we wanted. A bigger, better faster, stronger Borderlands!

I watched and experienced Bungie STRUGGLE for an entire two year period with Destiny 2 before they FINALLY…after two years of horrendous ups and downs…went back to the formula that made Destiny 1 a great game. Gearbox and Borderlands did not do that…at all…and the results are fantastic.

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been seeing your progress bud. Glad to see you’re enjoying the game! I have a few friends taking their time too

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This! so much this

That’s what I was trying to express with my thread, but you say it so much better LOL
The gun play is extraordinary, every weapon I’ve used feels so powerful, not like before where you were restricted to a few
Jakob’s weapons now, wow, what can I say, every pistol is awesome! I think Jakob’s weapons are the best in the game

Back on topic, i would love to see a test dummy, but even if I never see one, it will not change my opinion of this game, I’m loving it too damn much!

Oh, I agree on the whole, I was just griping about a couple of peeves I’ve contracted thus far :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m quite hopeful this will turn into a staple of mine and something I can enjoy for a long time to come. Like you I’m taking it slow and easy with several characters and tons of exploration, secure in the knowledge that I’m missing tons of stuff and loving that fact.

In addition to what you’ve mentioned I can’t wait to get deeper into the skill trees and get some solid theorycrafting under way, which is where a test dummy (cough, cough, GBX) would come in very handy.

Edit: submitted a feature request using the link you provided. Would urge others to do the same at their discretion; worth noting that if you don’t already know your Shift Support ID you’ll have to boot the game to find it.

I will start a new thread with a request for folks to submit tickets.

I found where your Shift ID is…by accident…

Go into Game
Shift Button
at the bottom of the screen is “Shift Support ID” Click on that or hit letter i on your keyboard.

EDIT: Done! New Thread started with instructions how to submit a ticket.

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