Testing/comparing damage output

I wish there was some sort of parsing of damage in this game so we could reliably see DPS in real time. Since there isn’t anything like that I’m wondering if I can do some sort of rudimentary comparison by just killing the same mob over and over with one weapon and timing how long it takes. Take an average of that. Make a build change and then repeating the process to compare relative damage output.

Has anyone done this sort of thing? If so, can anyone suggest a good enemy to do this on? Something that doesn’t die too fast but also doesn’t take too long. Something that doesn’t have a lot of abilities or moves around a lot that could cause fluctuations in damage?

it’s too bad you can’t do something like this with the target dummy…

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i havent done anything like this, but the idea of a target dummy would be really great if they could put something like that in sanctuary or something to compare weapons better

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There is a dummy in Marcus’ Firing Range. It’s not particularly versatile, but it’s something.

@Sidartha - check the pinned posts in the Loot and Weapons sections. One of those includes all information about the damage formula and calculations, and I think there may be a damage calculator?

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Yeah, I found some damage calculators online but that isn’t really helpful because it just deals with weapon damage and doesn’t figure added damage from skills. The target dummy on Sanctuary isn’t that helpful either because it can only tell you how much you are hitting for…not DPS. It would be neat if you could assign the target dummy a finite amount of health or something so you could determine DPS.

This is why I was asking if anyone tried this with enemies in the game. I wouldn’t be able to accurately determine DPS but could make a best guess based on how long it takes to kill. Then you could kill that same exact mob type multiple times to get an average time that you could compare with other weapons or with different skills activated.

I was thinking maybe the statues in DLC2 might work but the problem with them is they are not in the most convenient places but might give them a try at some point.