Testing efficiency engine

So I have been trying out different anointments with a purple tree build i put together and i’ve been left wondering if everything is really working together. In particular, Im wondering if the flare class mod + efficiency engine + whatever anointment I test is really working. I’ve tried running a deathless with the urad, I’ve tried with the pearl and Ive tried with asa 200% weapon damage.

I admit, im not a big tester. I usually just research youtube vids until I find a build, but this time I put something together and Im trying to min max it. It just doesnt feel like all this damge is working together. The 200% weapon damage while asa is the one that throws me off the most. I figured that + flare + ee would be beastly but it really feels underwhelming. So far I feel like the urad anointment works the best, but it’s hard to test. Anyone out there testing the purple tree with these anointments?

As its only adding weapon damage, with 200% more, its getting diminished returns May work better with “100% while iron cub active” as that multiplier is seperate. It wont be as strong as “urad”; but you wont have to give up healthgate

I don’t think it is. The action skill damage anointments are separate, but I believe all of the “while X skill is active deal 100% more weapon damage” are all just gun damage.

Although flesh melter builds are not a wise idea for Moze, I used to run a corrosive artillery build for fun with a Bloodletter and Version 0.m shield long before DLC5 arrived. Despite the absence of both Short Fuse and FitSD, so long as you had momentum in your favour, it could still do really well in almost any content. But then I tried the same FM build albeit with the Flare COM and investment in the purple tree to reach Efficiency Engine and the drop-off in DPS was evident.

Assuming you can get IC to last something like 5 minutes, that’s a lengthy build-up to what is ultimately +150% gun damage. You can get that same amount of damage if not more by going down the SoR tree instead.

I did a brief bit of testing aboard Sanctuary and found out that the 100% bonus weapon damage while Iron Cub is active, is not gun damage. I tried it with a few gun damage skills and then equipped the Pearl, and it was still doubling everything I was dishing out on the dummy. Having said that, not even such an anointment plus Flare’s bonus damage is enough to compensate for the absence of Iron Bear’s DPS contribution. CH is still very much the Moze meta anointment.

To be honest, once we learnt that Big Surplus is boosted by Mayhem-scaling, it was inevitable that BS combined with a Rocketeer COM is by far the best DPS buff to get from Bear Mother. Hell, even Moxsy’s ‘4th skill tree build’ only entails 3 points in Big Surplus while using the Rocketeer and spreading the other 60 skill points across the original skill trees.

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When I saw his vid and read the comments, it made me laugh lol. So much for 4th skill tree build.

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As of now I try to avoid using any ASA anointments for Moze with the Iron Cub. They are all buggy once you go FFYL which is quite common with Moze or switch weapons. This is true for the 200% ASA anoint and while IC is active.

Now if you can guarantee not going with FFYL, then you might be in luck.

I filed multiple support tickets. I am hoping next hotfix will address this.

I’ve also pretty much settled on Rocketeer as the absolute best COM for Moze. If you get one with alot of points in TCP and a splash damage roll it’s also pretty much a BlastMaster as well.

In my current build I just pick up enough skills in the red tree to get Drowning in Brass + Enough to pick up short fuse + max out all Iron Bear damage (dakka bear, specialist bear, stainless steel bear, etc) + and max out as much damage on Moze as well (stoke the embers, scrappy, click click, etc)

Seems to work beautifully. No 4th skill tree required

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This is something I really wanted to know. Many thanks!!

I am going to store some guns with this annoint in my bank while still using CH.

Also, Splash anoints are pretty much useless with IC, right?

I did some really basic testing on the dummy after the patch release and came away with the impression that max +dmg from Efficiency Engine was capped and also the cap was much lower than I was expecting. Like in the neighborhood of 40-50%.

I tested efficiency engine in sanctuary and it is capped at 50% damage boost. It is decent but why cap it at all? It takes time and you can’t have iron cub up indefinitely. Zane’s commitment is uncapped and you can quickly raise the damage boost above 50%.

I’m pretty sure commitment was to partly mirror our phalanx doctrine(uncapped - lasts twice as long + shields ); EE being just more weapon damage i havnt found much point in using it over the many other additive skills
(Until we have some sort of “duct tape mod” - kamikaze cub wont let us reap its meagre benefit)

Efficiency Engine’s super-slow accumulation of gun damage was already a joke to begin with, but it’s also capped at 50%? That just further reinforces Bear Mother tree being about Bear/Cub while doing next-to-nothing for Moze.

Even if I was to use Iron Cub in any of my builds at all, I still don’t see any legitimate reason to advance beyond tier 1 of the tree as it would more likely hinder Moze than be doing her any favours. Tier 1 has the best range of Bear Mother skills and 5 points there can unlock Fuel for the Fire which is seemingly Cub’s best and most reliable augment. The only two sources of gun damage in the tree have absolutely absurd conditions attached to them and even though Fired Up offers potentially faster fire rate, it still doesn’t compare in value to all that Scorching RPMs offers. As for status effects, Moze cannot deal DOT damage like Amara can.

It is a lazy tree i feel, lots of bonuses for iron bear/cub, multiple skills for cool down and longevity and very little for moze. A tree with an action skill that encourages moze on foot And it doesn’t have anything to offer up much for doing so. Iron cub doesn’t even work with auto bear anointments for whatever reason.

I like fired up though and the movement speed, just wish there was more for moze. I don’t use bear so cub is a welcome addition at least. There are boosts to dot damage while it still remains weak in mayhem so is a complete waste of points.