Testing modifications to Multiplayer related screens/buttons

Hi all!

How is everyone testing changes to multiplayer screens (without loading their changes up to Steam)?

I tried “-mpbeta” but loose files are something that aren’t multiplayer friendly, so the multiplayer “backup” in */exbuttons.lua is fired off. I have a nice “Offline” button there for when multiplayer is disbarred during normal dev but I want to know how to get my new button styles onto that damned missing button…

Also any intermediate screens, but I think that those will be easier to find.


You could make a new steam mod item that’s in hidden visibility and test it with yourself. I’m pretty sure only your friends could see it.

It’s looking like I might have to, or just experiment on the public :thinking:

You could just delete the hidden item right after you test it. I bet if you check it right away, nobody will even see it.

I think @Nathanius was hoping for a method that could be tested locally without the need for a steam item…

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Yeah, I’m thinking that I’ll have to best guess the layout and styles used for it and see. I’ll post here once that’s all confirmed and working for posterity

I’m pretty sure you’re wrong… but whatever.


Well @Dom2 was correct about my intent, you seem to be correct that all I can do is publish to steam to test for the “real” multiplayer button. As I said, I’ll post here with what I needed to update to get the button as I wanted.

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I actually found that if you do any modifications to *\ui\newui\main\exbuttons.lua at all then the multiplayer button doesn’t show… that’s the key.

Also, you need to edit FEButtonStyle1_Alert_Outlined_Chipped to change the muliplayer button style. The button also uses the layout LAYOUT_MENU_OUTLINED_BUTTONS as defined in newmainmenu.lua

@Erayser, heads up :wink:

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They probably put that in to prevent cheating in MP.

Exbuttons.lua contains a couple of lines of lua to catch if there’s no Campaign or Multiplayer button, I can’t see a reason to lock that down but oh well… I’m probably missing some important scope