Testing speed of stuff and thangs

Disclaimer: This thread does not belong to me. I am simply reposting it for lols. All credit goes to @Scottes

Testing Speed

I’m a bit bored with playing Borderlands, but not bored with Borderlands itself. When I have free time I tend to dig into the game mechanics and figuring stuff out.

I’ve also been learning the editor and decided to build a map designed to test various things. For my first test with this map, I decided - for some unknown reason - to see how fast things moved in the game.

Kinda useless, yes, but I have been bored lately so I have time to kill.


I built a racetrack, and set up a couple Trigger Volumes a certain distance apart. When something (Racer, Mordecai, etc.) touches the first trigger volume, a timer starts. When something touches the second trigger volume, the timer stops and the elapsed time is displayed in a pop-up message box.

I then took Mordecai and Lilith through, walking and running between the trigger volumes. I also had Lilith Phasewalk the distance. (Note that she had all Phasewalk skills maxed out.) Then I took each vehicle through at normal driving speed and again on booster.


Many tests were done twice just to make sure things were working correctly. All times for such tests were within 0.04% of each other, so this test is fairly accurate in that way.

Speed Comparison

I then compared all times to Mordecai’s walking results. Just for the sake of understanding the results in an easy way, I’m going to assume that the skinny little bugger is quite fit and walks at a brisk pace of 4 miles per hour.

This is just a hypothesis after researching a person’s walking speed, considering that Mord must be quite fit and thus walks quickly, then rounding to a even number. It holds no basis in game terms - it just makes it easy to understand the comparison of all the numbers.

But if you want to convert game measurements to real world measurements… Mordecai is 190 Unreal Units tall. Figure that he’s 5’10" tall, means 32.5uu per foot. He walked 10,065uu - 310 feet - in 17.173 seconds. That’s 12.3 miles per hour walking speed.

So I picked 4 mph for a “more realistic” number.

Character Results

Given Mord’s walking speed of 4 mph, he runs at 5.4 mph. Lilith’s maxed-out Phasewalk is a speedy 12 mph.

With Intuition at 4/5, Lilith walks at 5.5mph, runs at 7mph, and Phasewalks at 13.6mph.

With Intuition at 8/5 (5/5 and a +3 COM), Lilith walks at 7.2mph, runs at 8.6mph, and Phasewalk screams along at at 15.2mph.

With 5/5 and 7/5 in Sting Like A Bee, Brick moved at 6mph - a 50% increase over walking speed.

With the “speed glitch”, Brick walked at 6mph, a 50% increase. He ran at 7.4mph, a 36% increase.

Carrying an Eridian weapon equipped (in-hand) caused a 25% reduction in speed for both walking and running. It had no effect on Phasewalk speed, since no weapon is actually equipped when Phasewalking.

By the way, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick all walk and run at exactly the same speed. All of their test times were with 0.03% of each other. But we already knew they were the same. Now we know they’re the same to 3 decimal place.

Vehicle Results

The Runner’s normal driving speed is 19 mph, and can achieve 28 mph on booster.

The Monster’s normal driving speed is 25 mph, and can achieve 29 mph on booster.

The Lancer’s normal driving speed is 18 mph, and can achieve 22 mph on booster.

The Racer’s normal driving speed is 27 mph, and can achieve 51 mph on booster. Yes, 51 miles per hour. Quite impressive.

Weapon Results

L3viath4n provided the weapon speeds from the editor, and I did some testing in order to convert them to miles per hour.

Because of the testing methods for these, I do not feel comfortable enough to consider these to be accurate. But they should be with 5% of the actual speeds.

Assault Shotgun - 165mph
Combat Shotgun - 165mph
Combat Rifle - 186mph

Patrol SMG - 107mph
Repeater Pistol - 124mph
Revolver Pistol - 207mph

Rocket Lawnchair - 24mph
Grenade Launcher - 16mph
Scorpio Turret - 66mph

Sniper Rifle - 248mph
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle - 248mph
Cyclops - 482mph
Cyclops with Lilith at 5/5 High Velocity - ~964mph (ie; twice that of the Cyclops base).

Eridian Cannon - 9mph
Eridian Thunderstorm - 66mph
Eridian Lightning - 662mph
Eridian Trackingbal (Mercurial?) - 6mph

Booster Times

Since I was playing with the vehicles, I decided to check various booster-related statistics. So I recorded movies, watch them frame-by-frame, and recorded the timestamps of important events.

I checked to see how long each vehicle’s booster would run, how long it delayed before it started recharging, and how long it took to recharge fully.

The Runner’s booster lasts for 6 seconds, has a recharge delay of 5 seconds, and takes 10.7 seconds to fully recharge.

The Monster’s booster lasts for 15 seconds, has a recharge delay of 3 seconds, and takes 24 seconds to fully recharge.

The Lancer’s booster lasts for 25 seconds, has a recharge delay of 3 seconds, and takes 27 seconds to fully recharge.

The Racer’s booster lasts for 6 seconds, has a recharge delay of 8 seconds, and takes 11.6 seconds to fully recharge.

Average Vehicle Speed

I considered the speed and duration for each of these steps and calculated an average speed for a full booster cycle (on, delay, recharge).

In other words, this is the average speed attained if you used the booster most efficiently - speeding at full boost for the maximum duration, then waiting until the booster is fully charged, and then boosting again… and doing that cycle over and over for an extended time.

The Runner has an average speed of 21 mph.
The Monster has an average speed of 26 mph.
The Lancer has an average speed of 20 mph.
The Racer has an average speed of 33 mph.


There are 4 key points of information from this testing:

  1. I have way too much time on my hands.
  2. I’m a little crazy.
  3. You’re a bit touched in the head for reading all of this.
  4. You are truly touched if you notice a mistake in my math.

I actually read it lol and yes you’re crazy but everybody has a bit of crazy in them I found the parts about the walking speed interesting