Testing the 125% Incendiary Bonus

Here’s my unscientific testing of a Molten Faisor (shotgun mode) with the new 125% bonus incendiary dmg on a DW and BT Moze build (0 points in SoR).

I recently cleared Slaughter Shaft M4 using this gun as my primary weapon.

Body shot without ASE

Body shot with ASE

Crit without ASE

Crit with ASE

When extra mods proc from Moze’s skills, you get these:

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To put this in perspective, here’s an Annexed Fire Ion Cannon with no ASE bonus

Body shot

Crit shot

Step 1 - Use a gun that does Normal, Radiation or Cryo damage.

Step 2 - Remove all skills that boost fire damage.

Step 3 - Use Photo mode to capture the bonus damage amount to confirm it’s 125% of weapon card damage.

I’d do this but I’m being forced glad watch a show by my roommate. :unamused:

I know what you are trying to say but I am not sure what difference it would make in terms of showing the relative difference.

In both situations, the same character has the same set of skills. If we take out the skills, the ratio of difference would be relatively the same.

Are you trying to know the exact numbers without the skills?

He’s just trying to remove any possible variables. Some gear items interact weird or improperly in this game due to bugs, or other mathematical situations.

But you have done good work non the less and I think it’s great testings.