Testing the Blister and Burzum

OK I made a post on Reddit about the Burzum after I found one on M10 where the weapon card damage was under 1000. Then I saw someone asking in r/pandoraredcross for one to do testing with. Well I found one, and a Blister, so I thought I would test them a little bit. I am no Borderlands math expert, so my main goal for this was to just do some basic stuff that might inspire others to do more in depth testing on the mathematics.

Video of testing - https://youtu.be/f0y9wZSERVg

The Blister - Wiki

The bonus damage mechanic seems to be working on it. Wiki says up to 4x damage. It only felt like 90% increase for me. Didn’t look like it was counting as splash damage cause the Blast Master didn’t feel like it was increasing the damage at all. The overall damage is not great, even against with incendiary against flesh. Such a shame because man do flamethrowers look cool in this game. Wiki also says it comes in any element; I would love to see what the flames look like for each one. Moze was able to use the Blister to take out some mobs, but it was a grind. I think the base damage needs a bit of a buff and then the bonus damage should be more drastic over longer period of time. If you can manage to continuously fire this thing for 30 seconds you should get over 1000% increased damage. I liked pairing it with the Green Monster the most, but it could pair nicely with Rushin’ Offensive and a Bloodletter.

The Burzum - Wiki

The Burzum seems like it’s straight up not working properly. It’s not increasing damage the longer you fire. Although, I do like how the shock version feels like you’re firing a Tesla coil. It also seemed like it was kind of auto-locking on to enemies, which the Wiki confirms. Furthermore, I did not know that it chained between enemies. This gun probably could have been really good back when bonus elements proc’d bonus chains. If purple guns were farmable, then it would have been a poor man’s Redistributor. If its base damage was higher it might have been even better than the Redistributor because it procs bonus chains constantly. Like the Blister, I felt like it wasn’t benefiting from Splash Master at all. It definitely needs its base damage increased and I would also want to see the bonus damage more drastic over a longer period of time. Although ultimately, I don’t think it will ever shine since the bonus element procs were patched out.

Both of these guns are really fun designs and beautiful to shoot, however their damage is beyond lackluster. Moze would be the most ideal to use them, and I was using some good roll artifacts and class mods to try and make these things shine, and they just couldn’t cut it. Whether they get buffed (or fixed in the Burzum’s case), I am adding these to my list of purple gear that I want to get an O.P. variant (joining the high fire rate Scattergun, x25 Stagecoach, CMT, and One Shotter’s Shield).

I would be interested to see if someone more mathematically minded could break it down a bit more though.

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base game needs upscaling and it is roughly in the realm for 300-500% depending on gun types

These alien-barrel assault rifles of all makes are some of my favorite weapons in the entire game, with the Burzum at the top of the list (mostly because Moze uses it with a Bottomless Mags build, and she can sustain that beam for a long time, and with a Mind Sweeper and the mild target lock, throwing a literal fountain of grenades on the target is quite satisfying. I don’t have any math for these otherwise (though I think the number of child beams for the Burzum is three).

Moze (different build) uses Blisters… she’s mostly using them because I like the way they look, but she’s not doing anything serious with them other than working with her splash bonuses.

Zane uses Dahl’s Mngwa (a cryo one), which is wonderful for sustained Calm, Cool, Collected with Brain Freeze (and his new skill tree with all the crit perks will be nice too). It’s like a long pencil - doesn’t squirm at all under fire, so once they freeze, it’s a breeze to stay on their crit spot.

FL4K uses CoV’s Wizzperer (which is like the opposite of the Mngwa - thing really has some squirm to it), but that just means he’s at closer range to keep it on target. I think this would be better in Moze’s hands to feed it with a Bottomless Mags build, but FL4K is my CoV rep, so he makes it work. I haven’t measured the damage buildup, but it kills things for me, so I’m down.

Jakob’s Mutant is their beam-type alien-barrel assault rifle. I wish it came in elements, but it’s like the Blister to me - I like the way it looks, and FL4K can make it work with his skills. It’s got a lot of squirm though, but it’s easy to see the beam tip, so keeping it on target is fine.

Now I just need an Atlas one. :thinking:

Alien barrels aren’t state of the art.

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I can see it though - nail an enemy with a tracker, and the weapon connects a constant beam to it until you let go of the trigger, run out of ammo, or run out of range.

Darts tag one enemy, and then end. With a puck, the beam will just follow the puck; if an enemy dies, the beam will follow the puck in its bounce to acquire a second enemy. With grenades… multiple enemies at once? Might have to be a Unique that only spawns with darts, but I would totally hit this.

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Thank you for testing these OP! The Blister holds a special place in my heart. During my first playthrough a level 14 Blister carried my through to level 31, it was one of my best weapons.

Since you’re in console this would be tough, but I think these would perform best with a Consecutive Hits Anointment. I’ll make myself one of these later on to contribute to the testing here.

Also, submit your testing in a bug report to 2k

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I didn’t realize I wanted an alien barrel Q System until now

Thanks, submitted it!

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