Testing the Seraphim... Top Tier? (OP 10, UCP 5.0.3)

Hey there! I just recently made a video where I test the Seraphim on the UCP. The Seraphim is a rather underwhelming option but receives some serious love from the Community Patch and makes a serious case for itself. The video has a more in-depth explanation of the gun and the associated viability of it. However, this gun functions very similarly to the Veruc in the UCP and possibly even rivals it. I highly recommend giving this gun a try if you are using the Community Patch. It has great synergy with Gaige’s kit but should also excel on any character, particularly Maya and Axton would make good use of this gun. Thanks for your time and please let me know what you think!

Note: Credit to Man of Low Moral Fiber, Derch, and other BL2 YouTubers who used to do this extensive weapon testing of underutilized weaponry and have inspired me to do the same. UCP 5.0.3 has very little testing associated with the changes/buffs so I thought it would be a good idea!

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