Tetris Effect on Borderlands - a.k.a. Vault Hunting Abstinence Syndrome

[First of all, am from Chile, so forgive me for my preschool english]

According to the wikipedia, *the Tetris effect (also known as Tetris Syndrome) occurs when people devote so much time and attention to an activity that it begins to pattern their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It takes its name from the video game Tetris.*

Am a veteran gamer (not that old, am 31), I’ve played videogames since the 80’s. From Atari 2600 to the recent gen, everything has gone through these hands. However, I only remember one time, one game, that made me suffer the syndrome described above: Tetris.

It lasted only a couple of months, but during that time I saw Tetris everywhere, at the school, during holydays even when dating a girl. So, for the sake of my sanity, I stopped playing.

Three years ago I met Borderlands, and God, it was awesome! Specially now that am married with children, because I use the game as an anti-stress therapy (I have a very stressful job), and it works because am a very chilled guy, always with a smile on my face.

Then I realized that I’ve not played anything else other than Borderlands, Borderlands 2, TPS and TFTBL during the last 3 years.

Obviously I don’t play when I go on vacation with my family or when going on a trip, but I always find the way to play at least one hour a day. (Best argument ever: "Honey, 'm gonna be on my desk, please take care of the kids, so much work to do!)

However, during the last three days I have not been able to play because of my stressful job, and I noticed that during these few days am keep thinking about the game, my builds, weapon parts, raid bosses, runs, set-up, etc. Damn, Tetris Effect strikes back.

I know I should stop playing, but... Damn, this game is good!

Del cerro de Los Placeres, yo me pasé al Barón, de ahí al Cordillera, en busca de tu amooor xD

Happens me the same sometimes xD
Ironically, was the last time I was on Valpo xDD

Jajaja wena wnooooo!! xD

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Nooooo x360 :c

When I let my mind wander, it often drifts to my own unanswered questions about Borderlands. Case in point: on a long drive home this evening, I was literally wondering the following: a) could I somehow kill something with Scorn? b) if Zer0 had a bladed Little Evie with Many Must Fall, would he get increasing returns to the Decepti0n timer with each melee kill (and how might I measure that)? and c) how would I describe the untriggered-by-impact detonation zone for the various trajectories of the Contraband Sky Rocket regardless of azimuth? (I don’t think it would be a fixed radius, for example).

I’m not sure it’s like the phenomenon you describe though… the closest to that I ever came was a time when I was making something (I forget, but it was a little time consuming). I forgot some step and when I realized that I had basically blown it, my mind actually thought, “CTRL+Z” for a moment. It was a little weird, actually.

So happy am not the only one… xD


Trip in micro xD

Hah, this is great. Yea, I’ve run into this myself plenty of times. It’s like when you stay up late playing something and then dream about it.

Portal’s another game that (what I think) was almost specifically designed to make you experience this. This fun, feed the sickness.

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Yea, big time. I think anything in first person lends itself to that effect.

I definitely get the effect from Borderlands. I start thinking about my cell phone or items on my person as it relates to vault hunters. For example I have Apple manufacturer brand items like the iphone and ipad and macbook. Each one enhances my capabilities and “skill points” in a different way. I usually use just one at a time and keep others within easy reach or in my backpack or vault at home. But I sometimes duel wield too. One of the skills I can use from my iphone device is to summon someone to take me from one place to another. Or I can walk up to a vendor and show it to get coffee, which enhances my speed of doing other things. Etc… The point is that they thought about their game design and it all kinda makes a ton of sense when you look at this way.

I also get the dream effect. I have found myself doing inventory management in dreams for sure.

Ahhhhh, a kindred spirit…LOL

Pretty much have played only BL2 for the last 2 years- it’s worse than my Civilization addiction (which I would play if my ancient PC could have handled the latest Steam upgrade to Civ 5…)