This is a growing problem. People getting booted, match history not updating for almost 2 hours. The same thing happened yesterday. I was on kleese at about lvl 14 1/2 because it didn’t give me credit for like 4-5 matches. So I spent half my day waiting to finally max kleese when it should have been done in the first game and not 5 games later. I was so pissed. Then, when It did give me the credit, I still had to play another game with him at (15) to get the credit. Super effing annoying.

I also noticed I’m not getting credit for challenges. For example: Coopetition. I got 2 games with 60 kills in a row…no unlock for me. not yet. Like what the hell. How many more have I gotten, but not gotten credit for? I only noticed that one because I know I’ve done it tons of times and it still doesn’t register.