Texas Smith (name pending) The Roller Derby Archeologist

Normally I would not do a fan character like this. Sure in the past I took part in building OCs for fanfictions and have some personal ones of my own, but to actually take the time to flesh out a character for a video game is a first and something I thought I would never do. Mostly because I don’t want to be that person barging into a room of programmers or writers and shout “Blargh I made a guy! Make him real Blargh!” I don’t want to be that guy, but here’s the reason I decided to do this. I went to bed a around 9:30 last night and didn’t get to sleep until around 2:30 just thinking up and fleshing out this character. I even went so far as to text myself rough ideas so that my sleepy mind did not forget them when morning came. And then I spent the drive to breakfast writing down everything from the name of the character, to the possible back story, to his passive skill, his main attacks, his melee, his two abilities and his ultimate, and his helix. It kinda just ran away from me. So, I have decided to post what I created here to get feedback from fans and possible devs. Without further adieu let the horribly long post of a raving madman being.


Inspiration and intended role.

Texas Smith (name pending) was inspired oddly enough by Indiana Jones (haven’t seen any of the movies for years so it’s strange that he is the main inspiration) to be a rugged outdoorsy type character who has been saddled with clunky and girly looking roller skates, a complete contradiction to his rugged and suave attire. Now before you tune out: we have a penguin in a mech, a robot armed Luchador, and a ninja mushroom, so I feel a grave robber wearing robot rose gold skates would fit right in. The other source of inspiration for this character was the fact that I kept on hearing that you need to be proactively mobile when you play as Thorn, a character I was horrible with. That got me thinking that there are a surprisingly small amount of mobile characters. Hence the roller skates. Ultimately, Texas Smith (name pending) is meant to be the equivalent to Thorn in terms of mobility if not being more mobile at the sacrifice of health and shields (more on that later in the post). I don’t quite have an idea what faction he would fit into. He was an educated man and professor at one point so he could fit in with the LLC, but at the same time he raided and plundered historical sites so he could be a Rogue.

I have designed him to be more of a backseat character who focuses on minion control and a set up kills for his teammates in the form of elemental damage dealing. Hopefully I will explain this clearer later, but just know that he is going to be a menace to minions and overstretched enemies.

Back story:

Texas Smith (name pending) was a professor of Ancient history and had a criminal knack for sneaking into old temples and nabbing what he could for museums and his personal collection (kinda like Indy). During a rather hectic endeavor to a long dead Amazonian civilization he came across the fabled Roller Rampage roller skates, the strongest roller skates forged for the Amazonian’s most sacred and popular sport Roller Derby. He was ambushed however by some Thrall an was forced to flee with his prize under his arm. With his ship destroyed and with Thrall on his heels, Texas was forced to don the dreaded roller skates and fight for his life. Little did he know that once the skates are placed on your feet there is no way to take them off. So now the once heartthrob of the Ancient history department is now shackled with the girliest set of rose gold roller skates (and their not even the cool kind of roller blades from the late 90’s but the clunky and uncool roller skates from the 50’s :frowning: ).

Life/Shield and nuances:

Texas is designed to be quick on his feet and annoying to enemies, so to do so I thought it would be appropriate to up his movement speed but reduce his shield and life. This way he could easily zip around the field and escape but if he overextended or was greedy a well played opponent could easily over power him. He would have some of the highest starter movement speed out of the characters but he would be relatively squishy. Seeing as he is gong to be a fast character his Passive skill (listed below) will not be permitting him to have any kind of movement speed gear. This is intended. He would have the highest starting movement speed of all the BB with even further ways to increase it in his Helix.

Also another interesting thing about Texas is that his primary weapons would have a high damage rate at the start but they would have some difficulty in landing direct hits (listed below in Primary attacks). In order to off set this Texas would have a relatively quick Cool Down on his first two abilities. The inspiration behind is this a character I found surprisingly fun: Orendi. Orendi has an overarching design of quick Cool Downs to implement her abilities. Texas would have a similar mechanic except where he has natural reduced Cool Down in comparison to her Gnosis passive.

Now onto his kit.

Passive Skill: Roller Rage

Roller Rampage are every unique roller skates even by the standards of the brutal Amazonians. These particular skates were the top of the line, faster than fast and designed to have elemental affinity associated with each foot. The right could either be outfitted to produce Fire or Ice and the left could either produce Electricity or Toxic Radiation. What the passive skill Roller Rage does is:

** Every time an ability is used the element helixed into that ability will create trails of said element behind Texas Smith (name pending) for four seconds. Because of this, Texas will not be able to wear any movement speed gear, and how silly would it look to try to wear boots over roller skates.**

This means that if you have Toxic Radiation helixed into your second ability (your left skate) then once you use Skid Marks (the second ability LB) you will leave a trail of radiation behind you for four seconds (think like how the Delorean in Back to the future had a trail of flames behind it once it went through time).

Primary attacks

  • RT: 8 shooter revolver/pistol. This pistol would have a decent damage like any other revolver like pistols. It is based after the pistol that Indy used in Raiders. But the pistol/revolver would have high recoil and slow reload speed would stop it from being to overpowered (it will be able to be moded in the helix)
  • LT: A mid-range whip (just like Indy). What tomb raider or grave robber would be caught dead without their trusty whip? No one. High damage and decent splash damage, but hard to hit a solo enemy (modable in helix). This attack is akin to El Dragon’s helix mutation where his LT clap attack would deal a shockwave that would harm nearby enemies.
  • Melee strike (B): A quick kick. By doing consecutive melee attacks Texas will switch from his right foot to his left (reduced elemental damage in comparison to his abilities will affect his enemy.).


  • 1s ability: Feet of Fury (RB).

    • Texas Smith (name pending) gets up close and personal with his enemy and delivers four quick and powerful kicks with this right foot. (Elements able to be helixed in are Fire and Ice)
  • Now this ability could have an added push back to either the enemy or Texas, or a rush lock on could be added so that Texas could be some distance away before activating the ability.

  • 2nd ability: Skid Marks (LB)

    • Texas Smith (name pending) dashes forward in a line using his left skate and creates a wide line Area of Effect that damages anyone in it. (Elements able to be helixed in are Toxic radiation and Electricity.)
  • This line AoE is similar in execution to Aphrodite’s Ult “Love Birds” (if your familiar, if not Youtube her Ult) This could easily be used as an escape ability if he is in over his head, or just an aggravation tactic. Again, a knock back or up could be added.

  • 3rd ability (Ult): Demolition Derby (Y):

    • Texas’ maxes out his movement speed for 5 (or more) seconds. In this time the elements in both of his feet create potent and long lasting trails for 8 (or more) seconds. Elemental damage done by the trails is increased as well.
  • This is an ability designed to be a hindrance to opposing players. With this ability you can coat a lane in electricity that damages shields and fire that burns, or radiation that eats away life and can be passed to teammates and ice that shows movement. This ability is not necessarily meant to be a killing move like Rath’s or Marquis but rather a move that will disrupt enemies, weaken them quick and force them out of the lane, and a way to let your team catch there breath.

Hopefully I have made some of the abilities and skills clear. In order to play Texas you would need to focus on Gear which promotes shield and health regeneration with a possible attack boost or an attack speed boost.

Helix: (some have clever names and some don’t. I’m not to good with naming abilities like this)

–Athletes Foot: Feet of Fury now is augmented with Fire that burns enemies hit by it for ‘X’ damage for 3 (or so) seconds.
–Poor Circulation: Feet of Fury now is augmented with Ice to slow opponents hit by it for 3 (or so) seconds.

–Too Much Tacos: Skid Mark will now be ripe with Toxic Radiation which will infect enemies in the AoE line and do reduced damage for 8 (or so) seconds. Toxic Radiation can be passed between enemies during the 8 seconds.
–Shocking Surprise:Skid Mark will now distribute Electrical damage to damage shields of any enemy in its AoE.

–Where There’s a Whip…: Texas’ can now crack his whip at enemies, dealing extra damage in a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and pushes them back.
–Do You Feel Lucky…: Texas’ revolver gets reduced recoil and is able to be reloaded quicker.

–Fly Like the Wind: Increase movement speed by 20 (or so) percent.
–Hit the Gym: Increase Health and Shield size by 20 (or so) percent.

–(No Clever Title): Increase the potency of Roller Rage’s elemental trails after ability activation.
–(No Clever Title): Increase the time Roller Rage’s elemental trails stay active.

–(No Clever Title): Reduce the Cool Down to Skid Marks.
–Cardio Workout: Reduce the Cool Down to Feet of Fury.

–(No Clever Title): Skid Marks is no longer a straight line AoE, instead Texas stamps his foot and creates a large circular AoE
–(No Clever Title) Texas shoots out fast and for a greater distance, making Skid Marks faster and longer.

–Love it or Lee-ve It: Feet of Fury no longer hits an enemy with four quick kicks, but rather strikes with one much stronger horizontal sweep kick which can strike multiple opponents.
–Your Last Chan-ce: Feet of Fury four quick kicks in increased to six with increased elemental damage between them all.

–Wait, I’m Not a Lefty!: Texas discards his pistol and transfers his whip from his left to his right hand. Whip is now stronger, quicker, and more accurate.
–Draw!: Texas foregoes his whip and now uses both hands to fire his pistol. Pistol gains decreased recoil, faster reload, faster attack speed.

–Dancing King: Demolition Derby’s activation time is decreased but now all four elements (Fire, Ice, Toxic Radiation, and Electricity) trail behind him like a deadly rainbow.
–I Ride All Night: Increase Demolition Derby’s activation time by ‘X’ seconds, in addition to time increase Texas Smith (name pending) now has 25 (or so) percent reduced damage intake.

This is by no means perfected or well executed in anyway. I know I’m not overly competent writing like this (fiction yes, stories yes, technical jargon in which I’m trying to iterate a mechanical point NO) but hopefully you, the readers, are able to glean what I would like this character to be.

His main role is elemental disrupt, as the Helix indicates. With the quick Cool Down to his abilities that dish out the chosen elemental damage he can easily strip away shields, peck away at opposing players health for long periods of time, and set up opportunities for himself or fellow allies to kill and decimate their opponents. But the fact he is relatively squishy makes him not too OP (I hope. Or it just makes him a pathetic sponge that won’t get past level 3…)

The RT and RB attacks and abilities are meant to benefit and mesh with close range fighters. The pistol (while being a mid-range weapon) is not as accurate as some would want but as you see in the Helix it has the ability to have reduced recoil/reload speeds later, is it would benefit close encounters. The main combo for close quarters is rushing in to hit the opponent with Feet of Fury and then immediately follow up with several close range shots from Texas’ pistol. I meant for Feet of Fury to be an ability that you have to be close to someone in order to activate and use it correctly, but a lock on dash could be added in order for quick execution.

On the other hand the LT and LB abilities are geared towards a mid-range combat. The whip is primarily used to take out minions in a lane or to annoy a fleeing opponent. Skid Marks is meant for minion control and enemy annoyance. My thoughts on implementation is getting behind enemy players or minions, pushing forward with Skid Marks to deal damage that eats away at the life and shields and then pepper them with the whip strikes to disorient them and push them around.

As for the Ult hopefully you see how I want it to be used. You activate it, roam the lane and paint the ground with the two selected elements to wreck the day of any opposing players and minions. To reiterate what I said before, this Ult is NOT meant to be a quick killing Ult like Oscar Mike’s or Rath’s but a way to infect as much elemental damage to as many people as possible and set them up for others to pick them off easily or force them to flee.

I know that what people want in a character is a high kill count, but some characters are not meant for that. While Miko can kill opponents with his poison kunai he is still a healer and needs to act accordingly and use common sense (meaning that if you play Miko and you see someone who is hurt please try to heal, but if everyone is fine attack to your hearts content). Texas Smith (name pending) is designed to be an assist machine. It’s not until mid to late game can he hopefully be able to use his primary weapons to kill opponents. He is meant to stick to his abilities to deliver elemental damage. That being said, I have seen people do strange things with characters, so…

But this is not just my character. Sure I thought him up, but the only way that he could properly exist is to feed more and more ideas and insight into his design. That being said:


PS: (It’s strange, after writing and proofreading this, I kinda want to see what the devs like about this idea. I shouldn’t but I think he has potential.)

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Well…uh…that’s uh…unique?

Frankly I’d stick with just juggling concepts around. I mean that’s what I do, I make this fan stuff for fun, not recognition. That being said if you are really hoping against hope that you want something picked up by the devs, focus more on appearance and story. Nearly every IP I’ve seen where fan creations get picked up, stats get tossed out in favor of stats the developers brew up.

This honestly wasn’t for recognition, it was honestly just a late night musing. Considering that it kept me up for four hours I took as a sign to at least flesh it out. I’m not hoping against hope for anything. I have seen what others have done with their creations and I was reminded of that age old saying (?): Somewhere out there there is going to be someone who is smarter, more thorough, more talented, and just plain better than you at what you are doing (a nerdy and inaccurate paraphrase of.Kakashi’s monologue during the Wave Arc). And I have seen that. There are other ideas out there that are better than this. I just felt like it was my duty to give this idea a chance of life seeing at how fervent it was during its creation. It would be a shame to snuff it out.

I would recommend replacing such concepts as “Amazonian” and “Texas” with planets and places that are actually in the BattleBorn Story Universe as created by GBX.

I haven’t seen or looked into the scripted universe so I was using ‘Amazonian’ as a catch all term since people understand what it means. Texas is his pending name like Montana is Montana’s name.