Text chat on ps4?

I know the PC version has text chat, but why not the PS4? I know that not everyone has a keyboard, but I believe the game could benefit from the option. Not everyone wants to speak over the mic… and since this is already on the PC, it seems like something that could be easily turned on for console… as long as there’s a way to hide / mute this as well, since I’m sure at times it will be toxic.


Meh if you want to stop playing to type that’s your prerogative. I don’t see many other people wanting this though I could be wrong

I think soon PS4 will also be get updated with text chat support. They also have to work with keyboard support via PS4 remote.

I wish to make it more entertaining, joyful & attractive chat option will appear asap :video_game: :grin:

I don’t think text chat will really work on consoles. Many don’t have keyboards and it takes too long to type using an on-screen keyboard (which also covers up some of the screen) and controller.

Pre-made text options (“I need healing”, “Thanks” etc) could be useful but really voice chat is the best way to communicate, especially as every PS4 sold comes with an earpiece & mic that plugs into the controller.


Pre-made options makes a lot more sense actually. Especially for the messages you mentioned. I was thinking that typing a message could be limited to when you are back at base in PVP (pre-match and waiting to respawn) or anytime during PVE.

Rocket League is a good example of a game that does this pretty well. Preset private and public messages, with the option to actually type something. Spamming is mitigated by only allowing a certain # of messages per second, etc.