Text chat question

Now that I can handle Slaughtershaft Mayhem 3 solo, I am thinking to have ago at multiplayer matchmaking tonight :slight_smile:
(you know, with random people from the internet)

I am playing on PC
And I wonder, is it possible to use text chat?

I joined a friend’s game yesterday and it was impossible to communicate until we both turned voice chat always on…
But I rather not use voice chat always on with random people from the internet…
So I wonder what are the alternatives?

Yes, text chat is available. However, I think other people who join you need to have the option enabled aswell for the function to work. I could be wrong, though…

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
But … how do you type anything anyway?! :open_mouth:
I tried ENTER or “~” but didnt work…
I checked the Option > Keyboard, but nothing about chat… :roll_eyes:

Default keybind is ‘Y’ key. You can find the function under ‘Network and Social’ in the ‘General’ section.

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