Text is way too small, and co-op is impossible

Text is unreadable while playing even on single player. When doing split-screen co-op you can’t even see the buttons you need to press anymore.

At the same time there is no vertical split which is very very disappointing on a wide screen!

I am returning the game and will buy something different to spent my time on. This is pure garbage.


While I understand your frustrations, good luck getting any retailer to let you return a game for either money back or an exchange for a different game in 2019. That idea is a thing of the distant past that went away 15-20 years ago after the Digital Millennium Copyright Act became the law of the land here in the US of A. :unamused:

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I got the digital deluxe edition for 40 bucks after returning a game worth 3.50 as it was by accident listed in part of a discount event when pre-ordering the game. The retailer also buys games back from you depending on the value. I’m pretty sure they would give me 40-60 bucks for the digital deluxe edition.

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