Text size unbearable and hard to track other players

I know people are complaining about text in multiplayer. Even not playing on split screen things are unbearable. We are doing local LAN and we have to lean in to our screens just to read things. (ones a 36" and other is a 24") In multiplayer we are also having a hard time finding each other. The names are very small and the mini-map in corner does not do a good job displaying their location, have to constantly load inventory map and look for their itty bitty dot. I have no problem tracking my pet though!


Agreed. Even a increase by a couple of points (of text size) could make a HUGE difference.


Hard to believe they released it like this. I was really looking forward to playing, but this is ridiculous!


Has this been fixed yet, I know there have been several patches but have any addressed the tiny text UI in the menus and on screen?

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Still the same :frowning:

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The fact that tiny text is keeping me from enjoying a game is ridiculous… can’t even track quests without getting up and standing in front of the tv. This really shouldn’t be a release bug.

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I have a screen that mounts on the PS4 pro. It is small, but folded over is flush with the system. I have it in the bedroom to take up less space and I have to constantly lean in like I am blind. I have no issue with any other game on text size.

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