Texture is Black (DLC Scarlett and her pirates Booty)

In the DLC Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty
appear some weapons and Scarlette with completely black texture.

I have already reinstalled the add-on. the problem is still there.

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Are you viewing these items in vending machines or in your inventory? A completely black texture usually means the item was modded using 3rd party software to combine parts that cannot legitimately occur together in-game.

If the black items were things dropped by someone else in your game, my advice would be to drop them in the Overlook grinder or toss them in a volcano.

If it’s not the case that these are items dropped in your game by another player, can you take a photo of your screen to show exactly what you’re seeing?

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Until now only weapons that you get in the add on are affected (no automat or 3rd party software)
If I hold it in my hand, the texture is completely black. There is no icon in the inventory.

I play only with my husband in the local coop (no online coop).
We play with 360 befor and now. We played on the 360 ​​before and now on the One.
We have completed the add-on a few times and did not have the problems.

Affected until now:

  • Scarlett
  • Rapier (from the quest Message In A Bottle)
  • Orphan Maker (from the quest Message In A Bottle)

I took the pictures with my mobile. I do not know how I can take pictures with the Xbox… :sweat_smile:

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If all those were on the XB1 (so I assume you’re playing the backwards compatible version and not the Handsome Collection Edition) then something is clearly missing from your game. That’s really odd! IIRC there were some patch notes about missing textures for the first DLC, but you should have got the patched version of the game when you started playing it on XB1 (even if it was the backwards compatible version).

In this case I would suggest that you contact Gearbox Support directly:


Make sure you’re clear on which version of the game you’re playing on which platform. It may take a couple of days to get a proper response.

I would also suggest looking into getting the Handsome Collection edition though (full BL2 and TPS games with ALL content) - especially if there’s a sale on. You can transfer your existing saves from the 360/backwards compatible version to the new version, you’ll have all the content, better graphics, and a better framerate too.


Thank you for the quick response:grin:.
I have opened a ticket.

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Good luck!


I’m having this same problem as well. Happened with Captain Scarlett and some weapons that dropped from foes. The texture is either completely black or only comes into view in certain lighted areas. Its really annoying to see a giant silhouette on the screen. I cannot view the weapon parts either. This happened with the thunderball fists when it dropped as well as all of the moxxi weapons. I’m playing backwards compatible on xbox one if that helps as well.

Anyone figure this out I’m having the same issue.

All I can suggest is deleting the game (but not the save data) and forcing a reinstall. If that doesn’t work, you can file a support ticket here:


I’m having the same issue but with none dlc guns as well. such as the hive, hail, gwens head. And I have at least 2 of all of these all of them are broke. If anyone has found a solution please let me know. It’s very annoying

Is this on 360 or XB1?

Xbox1 on 360 game. I uninstalled and I’m redownloading right now

OK, don’t have the b/c version myself so I can’t comment too much. Just double-check your in-game video settings if there’s still an issue after you get the download completed.

I will. I greatly appreciate it