Texture (?) issue

Picked this up from a chest in the Dust; specifically from the big red Dahl Chest next to the Volleyball net used in the To Close For Missiles quest. It’s supposed to look like this:

I asked about this in the BL2 Loot and Weapons chat, in case it was just a skin change that I was unaware of, but was advised that there have been bugs associated with the HD Texture Pack (which I do have installed), so I’m putting this out there.

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I can tell you that is a glitch and i hope someone fixes this for you. If you can ask if the tech support will fix it im sure they well. But this is a texture issue. Similar to modded guns your gun seems to have lost its texture. But I do know Gearbox does not just change weapon skins. I have handsome collection and never experienced this.

i think it looks cooler without the colours


I’ve actually sold the weapon (I’m not good at Sniping, so i generally don’t use them. I mainly picked this one up because it was Purple, and used it to get a few Challenges before selling it), so I’m not worried about it getting fixed or anything. I made this thread so that there is something somewhere showing that this has happened, so Gearbox can be aware of it. I’ve also submitted a bug report directly.

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