Textures, What is each specific shader is used for? More specifically "When" should it be used?

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Oops. You’re correct. I just looked over some of my textures. It’s been a while and apparently I’m confusing PAIN with something else…

(Bmon1291) #22

I do find it odd, though, as I have been experimenting. The PAIN map has no affect on TEAM/STRP areas - they seem to be using the same modifier that PAIN uses on the base textures. However, if you set the PAIN to all black, it negates the reflection map and makes things glossy but if you set it to white, it has that matte paint feel to it with input applied by the REFL map.

This kinda goes back to the difference between insulators and conductors, where bare metal surfaces would otherwise be shiny but painted, insulated surfaces aren’t without some type of additive like a top coat or polish. Just odd that it doesn’t take information from the REFL map the same way. Unless the REFL map is specifically for multiplying the environment texture effect and has no influence on gloss values.

(Bmon1291) #23

Ship with 35 35 35 RGB for REFL map, the gray parts highlighted in the PAIN map and the hull as a TEAM/STRP combo.

Ship with 128 128 128 RGB in the REFL for the TEAM/STRP bits, 35 for gray and still highlighted in the PAIN map. Notice no change in gloss for the TEAM/STRP areas, its just more intense due to more environment shading.

This time the gray areas are not referenced by the PAIN map, notice the difference in shading as it appears more glossy.

Finally, a ship with the first picture’s values. Notice how flat the gray areas are compared to the gray areas on the other ship. They are very matte, while on the other ship they are rather glossy. General glossiness of the blue hull is the same, intensity is different.

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All this is very helpful guys! Thanks :smiley:

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Didn’t realise mattescissor could be used in FX! This is cool :smiley:

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I don’t get it. :thinking:

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Is this clearer? :smiley:

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Only the Shadows know… :notes:

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I still have no idea what we are supposed to notice, but I am no fx master.

Mattescissor is to do with transparency, right?

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OH. The Colonial Fleet is interested.

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Outstanding Nate!!!:trophy:

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The ship regos! Mattescissor in the fx hod allowed the text to remain as dark as desired (i.e. readable)

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What happened before? They were unreadable if in shadow?

(Nathanius) #34

Using the FX shader for these FX resulted in the following blending, which is fine for some applications but not for a starship rego

mattescissor, as pictured in my earlier post, allowed for the text to be there and as easily visible as the Flagship’s registry, which was straight on the textures.

For a good time, try out fx_harvest :wink:

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Thanks for explaining, and well done for funding that!

I know nothing about fx really. So I assume you are using it to apply different letters to different ships?

(Nathanius) #36

I was wanting to do ship individualisation for a good long while, this regoFX is my own foray into this murky area… we’ve got a competing shader version being developed internally, which will respect things like battle scars and other potential exciting options. Just waiting to see which version comes out on top after stress testing before mass production begins :wink:

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Do you need different ship nameplates for you needs as well?
There’s currently two approaches even in shader variant of this.
Easy, which pretty much works, but not fit for ST Continuum needs.
Complex, which tends to break in rather unpredictable times and places.