TF2 Spy Deande build

Well Here i am again! To do yet ANOTHER build. While Pendles i will say is pretty good as a stealth character with Deande and a few skill picks she can do some pretty crazy damage. So what are we waiting for! Here we go!

Level one: Double Trouble.
I know i know, Most of you people are flipping your ■■■■. “Why this one? Ground zero is SOOOO much better.” Well here’s the thing. With this build you can do so pretty damn good damage but we want to keep burst dash the way it is to be able to do that.

Level two: Pick what ever you want.
The build we are doing doesn’t have to really do anything with our decoy. So go with what you want. I go with Damage increase.

Level three: Leechsteel
This is to help when you don’t have your decoy or just to heal back some health. All together this pick is to help you live.

Level Four: Calculate Risk
While you might be thinking that getting increased life steal would be a good idea for this build we need this skill so we can do some damage with Burst Dash. Besides, One of the pieces of gear you need is shield increase so it’s not that much of a lost.

Level five: Roguelike.
This is where this build comes together. This, plus calculated risk gives you over 1,000 points of damage that is if you hit the back. So you have to play Deande like spy from TF2. Try to get those back stabs!

Level six: Burst brawler.
This will help in case you miss your backstab.

Level seven: The Culling
Weakened enemies will help you to kill them more easily! As they won’t do as much damage as they would do.

Level eight: Deadly Reach.
This or Energized would help out this build but to help out with getting your backstabs more easily go with this.

Level nine: Improved Holographics.
Your decoy is your escape plan while giving you more time to leave is a good idea it’s also a good idea to be able to use it more in case your in a tough spot.

Level ten: Gathering Storm.
This helps with getting back your ultimate more easily as you will be using it when your in a bad spot or want to kill a low health enemy that’s coming your way.

And that’s it for the skills. As for your gear. Well remember that shield increase is needed for rouge like. And Skill damage is needed to be able to reach that 1,000 points of damage more easily. As for your last piece go with what you like. I picked Cooldown rate as i slot this gear set up with orindi’s! So i mean hey! You got two gear sets! So that helps!

As to play this build? As i said kind of play it like spy from TF2. Play as you would do when you play as deande but then when your in a bad spot use your decoy! This can be used to either kill your target as he is busy with something else or to make your get away if your low on health which that’s what you should do if you are low on health run!

Thank you for reading! What do you think of this build? Tell me your thoughts below!

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Cant tell if you are serious.


My Deande senses are tingling.

*reads for three minutes.

To the laptop! Away!


Not enough info here to really help peeps.
Deande is one of my most used characters, have taken her to level 20 on two accounts.

With any build you should learn to Burst and back-peddle, and always use your fans, always.

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Okay fam. Nemo’s back and armed with one of the chiefest of weapons: knowledge. And dank memes. Actually scratch that just knowledge.

Now right off the bat I would like to say that this iteration of the tried and true shield stacking build is not a bad idea on paper, actually the build isn’t bad at all, however there is a lot of miss information within your OP as well as things that are flat out incorrect.

I’m going to take things from the top and run my way down.

Level 1

helix choice is good. 10/10.

This however. This is an old debate that goes back months. the general consensus is that normal burst dash is superior to GZ. There are a number of reasons as to this, chief among which are the fact that it takes longer to get the damage off, you can’t crit, and that there is a delay after the dash that prevents you from popping your ult.

the wording of this is a little confusing. it sounds like you are saying the damage between the two modes are different when in fact they are the same. but after i looked at it more I realised you could also be taking about the damage delivery time. That’s a nit picky thing though.

More importantly, and on a general not for this level, the choice of double trouble is not facilitated by keeping the original burst dash, but more so the potential in mobility and mobility combos.

Level 2

take the damage as you said

the twin may not be the principal focus of the build, however you can’t just ignore it. there are multiple ways to use the twin, however the most basic is to pop the twin, burst dash, and ult. the twin should prioritize the enemy on lockdown for additional damage.

Level 3

no issue

Level 4

a little vague but no issue

Level 5

Okay. this is where things fall apart. I get what you are trying to do here and I have tried it before as well. However the problem with this is that rogue like doesn’t work with burst dash. This topic is in and of itself a fluster cluck. See I said roguelike work with burst dash, however IT DOES effect it.

I can’t exactly explain the why of this (working on that) but between the levels of 5 and 10 you see a scaling value of increase to damage in the rage of 20 - 30 points.

That is not the 25% increase you would expect, and thus renders this option useless for burst dash.

you are better off taking the slow every time for burst dash centric build.

Level 6

rouguelike doesn’t work, however the choice is still the optimum one for burst dash damage.

Level 7

The culling does not weaken. burst dash does. all the culling does is lets you do more damage to weakened enemies. this is the superior choice because of the ult combo. burst dash and then ult immediately for a massive damage increase.

Level 8
Deadly reach = 10/10. this makes burst dash easier to land. although, again, back stabs wont help that much.

Level 9

in a burst dash build your decoy should be your initiator. if you only use it as an escape you loose a lot of damage. additionally lingering light only increases the clone duration not the cloak duration.

Level 10

this level is not that great TBH. but lingering light requires you to kill someone for what equates to a 15% cooldown reduction. not terrible, but dopplegangup is more useful for the confusion aspect as well as to potential for followup damage if you need to get out fast.

Gear choices are not bad. [quote=“kululuplays, post:1, topic:1559566”]
Well remember that shield increase is needed for rouge like

this seems like a typo though. rougelike has nothing to do with shields. calculated risk on the other hand does.

this is impossible to effectively cram into one paragraph. there are so many elements that go into god Deande play. things such as drop kick, map awareness, dash aim, drop ult, mobility combo, skill combo, holotwin prioritization and followup, avoiding damage while cloaked, map perches and specific drop kick locations, knowing your damage and if it is high enough to warrant an attack on a target, etc. i could go for a few paragraphs just listing these important things.

my point is that playing Deande is a lot more than strapping on a big ass shield and having at her. And it’s for this reason that I have never made a single guide for Deande as the end all be all because that could seriously be as much writting as a novel. instead I make highly detailed posts on one tiny little aspect at a time in hopes that one day my volume of knowledge will be fully catalogued.

That about wraps it up for critique, even though it was kind of a bluffs notes type deal.

Now of course you don’t have to listen to me. you do you. however i hope you don’t think Ive come here to trash this build. I Don’t do that kind of thing. but I can’t let inaccuracies float about. If you take issue with any of my points let me know and we can discuss. perhaps maybe I will be wrong about something, and then I can mend that rift in my knowledge.

But above all if you like playing Deande as above, then keep doing so. Far be it from me to stand in the way of someone having fun, just as I do with the character i love.


I wonder how you acquired this information. Surely it must have been done in a private game for a controlled environment. But you couldn’t have gotten these numbers alone. Someone must have helped you, but if that was the case, you would have thanked them. After all this person would have had to have taken at least an hour out of his day to help you with these numbers. An hour that could have been spent gathering minerals in Mass Effect Andromeda to build a Krogan Hammer. A person that is willing to do this just so a friend could confirm something about his favorite character should have at least gotten a mention when you posted this information.


Rolls eyes.

Thank you, Blaine!

By the way, we should play ME:A MP together sometime; i’m curious if you have what it takes to beat my Asari duelist in score… You couldn’t POSSIBLY be better than me at that game too… The universe would never be so cruel… RIGHT?!


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Right now you’re probably better than I am. I’ve barely touched multiplayer so far. Mostly just doing story but occasionally getting interrupted by Nemo to help him get more Deande information. There always seems to be something new to learn about her.

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And nary a “thank you” in sight… :smirk:

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I feel like I’m missing something obvious here, but… doesn’t Roguelike just affect Deande’s war-fan primary and secondary attacks? And that 20-30 point increase is just part of the normal skill damage scaling that comes with gaining new levels… right?

That’s where it gets weird. Taking Rouge Like and attacking someone from behind after cloaking does increase burst dash’s damage even though it shouldn’t. But it doesn’t increase it by the amount that it should. (Or shouldn’t, in this case)

The damage scaling from levels is taken into consideration. Nemo is talking strictly about the bonus damage from Rouge Like being a 20-30 point increase.

Bluffs notes! But yea thanks

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What you’ve got is spot on, but there are a few helices I am politely going to disagree with here:

Double Trouble is, by far, the superior helix augment in my opinion. I’m glad you use it. If you take Ground Zero, you lose out on a lot of mobility without that 50% dash distance. It really makes the difference when escaping and chasing/securing kills. Not to mention, the default Burst Dash can also be used for mobility in sticky situations, which you won’t be able to take advantage of if you take Ground Zero. In all fairness though, I have seen some Deande players use Ground Zero effectively, but I’d still pick Double Trouble over it any day.

I would say to definitely pick the damage on level 2 as the other helix, which increases the Holotwin’s health, seems counterproductive to me as the main source of damage from the decoy comes from the explosion on its death. If you’re taking the health, you’re just making it less likely to deal damage and that explosion does as much damage as a Burst Dash at level 1.

I tried Roguelike and didn’t like it all that much. Silent Strike is too good to pass up from my point of view as it’s the only CC Deande really gets other than the slow on Ire’s Echo and her Blink Storm stun. Considering, that she is also one of the slowest characters in the game, it helps you stick to some of the faster characters just that little bit longer after you’ve dashed them.

As I stated above, I prefer having a little CC over the damage, so I often pick the Ire’s Echo mutation at level 6. Not only do you get a 15% damage increase on the decoy explosion, but it also slows, and that’s when you come in with the Burst Dash. I’ll only pick Burst Brawler if I feel I can manage without the slow, which most of the time, isn’t the case. Burst Brawler also seems like a bit of an overkill to me, and I deem it unnecessary most of the time. With the right gear loadouts and Calculated Risk, Burst Dash should be doing more than enough damage to be lethal.

The cooldown reduction on the ult is not too great IMO. It’s too situational as you have to get the killing blow with it for the CD reduction to proc and even then, it’s only 10secs, which doesn’t seem worth it to me. Furthermore, this upgrade seems to encourage you to trap more enemies in Deande’s ult, which you do not want to do as all the damage is divided. Only with a coordinated team will it really work as a group stun but it’s your team that is going to be doing the killing, not you, so the CD reduction still won’t work. I would much prefer having another doppelgänger deployed from Dopplegängup instead, which can then go on to confuse and harass the other team and possibly allow me to slink away easier if I’m low on HP as Deande is extremely vulnerable when casting and finishing her ult.

For the rest of the helix options, I am 100% for those choices.

Also, if you are comfortable using this helix build, by all means, continue to do so. I’m just stating my preferences along with reasons why I prefer those said upgrades. In no way am I trying to force you to change. So please don’t take this the wrong way and forgive me if I sound like a jerk. :confounded:

I agree that you can use your decoy to escape, but what you really want to do is use it for a set up. If you hold on to your Holotwin for escapes you’re losing out on a 25% damage buff for Burst Dash or Blink Storm. Use the decoy as a distraction, then if the situation is appropriate, move in for the Burst Dash. Otherwise just use them to be a nuisance to the other team, hang back and throw fans until the time is right. You’ve always got drop kick to make your exit with too so you don’t have to rely on Holotwin 100% of the time.

As for loadouts, you want to stack as much skill damage and maximum shield strength gear as possible in a Calculated Risk build. I don’t normally run legendaries but the Comeback King is a must have on Deande and I’ve also seen some other Deande players running with a Voxis Core before too. If you prefer something a little cheaper in terms of shards however, these items work great:

View on

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View on

If shards are a problem, these items could work to help get your builds going:

View on

View on

If you prefer cooldown reduction though, may I recommend:

View on

(The Comeback King also gives cooldown time as a secondary stat).

I apologise for the super duper long post. I can get a bit carried away when it comes to things like this, especially concerning Deande. :sweat_smile:
Seriously, you deserve a medal if you read it all, you really do. :medal:

All in all though, good job on the guide, albeit it was a little short in terms of information, but it’s nice to see a guide nonetheless. I’m currently working on one myself but I’ve only just started it and I know it’s going to take me forever to finish. It’s always a pleasure to see fellow Deande players out there too, as I feel like she’s one of the more underrated characters. So there are only two things I can say; keep it up and keep playing! :smile:


I stupidly forgot to include images of the Comeback King and the Voxis Core. :sweat_smile: Oops.

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Just for reference!

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Meh, Burst Dash.

Who do you think you are shade? Waltzing in here like you own the place and leaving three word responses. I expected at least five words from you. For shame.