[TFB] Task Force Bravo

HomeWorld Clan
CLAN for HW2
Do you like winning? Are you tired of losing because no one works together as a team? Then join Task Force Bravo and paint a canvas of victory with new friends.

[TFB] Task Force Bravo is a new clan that is looking for new members to join up for this game and the new up coming: Deserts of Kharak . TFB has over 300 members over 8 games and Homeworld is new to TFB. We hold two practices a week and utilize our very own Teamspeak 3 Voice over IP server. (need TS3? go to – http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads1)

We have 3 Battalion`s in Homeworld so wherever you are in the world you will be able to play and attend the mandatory match nights that suits your timeline.

EU Battalion
NA Battalion
OC Battalion

What you need to join TFB:

  1. Be 14+ years of Age
  2. Have a microphone
  3. Use Teamspeak 3 and work as a team
  4. Have fun

The web page for TFB is in the making
Or you can add me to steam or email me to chat about TFB
Mack221 steam

This is a video that I created for TAW but TAW didn’t want HW in their clan so we moved to a new clan, so excuse the TAW TAGS

Victory Awaits

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Yeah ill join no problem I love playing homeworld its a nice sci fi game ever Cant wait to join TFB :slight_smile:

You should consider Discord instead of Teamspeak. It’s a lot better for a bevy of reasons.

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I’ll join :smiley:

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ok add me to steam

not long to the new HW is out

Hi Mack! Glad to see you’ve split off from TAW.
What times do you operate clan matches/pratices?
I’m looking to organize some friendly competition between [TFB] and [TFL]. I’m aware that there’s been some bad blood recently from some of our members, and that’s been resolved internally, so we’re happy to make this happen if you are.

Either reply to this comment or feel free to PM me if you have any questions or are interested! :smiley:

While I won’t speak of the details here, I did get onto the TFB Teamspeak server and talk through some of the issues between our two groups, and also the opportunities to do some collaborations.

I’ve sent you a friend request on Steam if you’d like to arrange something, but as before, talking here or PMing me is also fine! :slight_smile:

Hi mate

Sorry been away with the army. Yes I am happy to say its good moving from TAW and doing a clan with some old members from TAW that was in HW. We are growing fast we did a games night for HW yesterday we had 23 members and 18 on Twitch think we got 5hrs of game play and a long list to send to the game makers of the problems with the new patch so it went well. I will send out an email to TFB about the Clan vs Clan I know they will be up for it maybe play on the remastered one than the new one ??? let me know what HW you are looking to play on.


Star Wars Total Conversion | Pre-Aplha v8

We have a good mod maker his name is [TFB] Lenny he has decided to make a new Star Wars mod and as you can see its looking good, its in the Pre-Alpha stage. We are looking for members to add this mod to their game and assist him by letting him know if there’s any bugs. As you can see TFB is doing its best to keep this game going, we need lots of new members and mod makers to keep this game going and as such we would like to invite you to join us and help with the mods. Lenny has done a fantastic job on this mod, will you help us ???

Come join TFB


I love TFB this clans awesome! :smile_cat:

Thank you we come a long way in 8 months

The start of the MOD

How big, compared to a HGN_BC is that mega-large ship?

I will need to get Lenny on so he can tell you

Hey, I am the founder of the mod and one of the two modders. We have planned to include mega-large ships in the game in later development. This will take a long time because we are just two people working on it. We really need more people to help, anybody that could 3d model or code in homeworld could help. Back to your question. Probably 10 - 20 times as big. We want to create a custom gamerule for mega-ship battles to not screw up balancing.