TFTB: Episode 3, Catch A Ride, Releases 6/18-6/20

Episode three of Tales from the Borderlands, “Catch A Ride,” is hitting PCs, consoles, and mobile devices this week! Check out the full release schedule below:

  • Tuesday, June 23: PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • Wednesday, June 24: Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Thursday, June 25: iOS Appstore and Android

Official trailer:

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Well I know what I’m doing tomorrow after work

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Now updated with the official launch trailer!

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Gets back from work and does the download dance

Okaaaayy… This is quite the ride… And may need to do a few extra plays when all the episodes are out…

LOVED the whole part with Jack asking why I didnt trust him. Quite the smooth talker trying to win me over. I almost accapted his offer, but still shut him down in the end. Also, Loaderbot and Gortsys formed VOLTRON! HELL YES XD

In this episode there is a guy with a Torque crossbow does that mean cross bows in the next major borderlands installment ?

Well still not out for Xbox… It’ll happen eventually I guess…

I don’t have officially timing, but it looks like it’s starting to roll out on Xbox now.

Available on Xbox One (in some regions):

Can u lemme know if u see something 4 360?

I noticed that too and failed to grab a good screenshot of it. It reminded me of a dream of mine when I had a Torgue Bow xD

I was wondering too about this crossbow, but it seems more like a scenaristic choice in order to jusitify the situation where Fiona is hung upside down (great scene btw!)… Would be awesome anyway…